Who is Janet Holden, Eric McCormack’s Wife? Her Parents and Family

Who is Janet Holden, Eric McCormack’s Wife? Her Parents and Family

If the world is a system of interconnected tools working together in pursuit of a purpose, there is no denying that in that system, there are tools that have an overt role in the drive towards that purpose. They are the politicians, technocrats, actors and actresses, activists, etc whose actions and contributions are public enough for the rest of the system to notice. But there are also other kinds of contributors who are silent; those whose actions are not loud enough for the rest of the system to notice or celebrate. Janet Holden would fit into the latter category – those who exist primarily outside the consciousness of the system.

These people are like wedges for a table. They seem small and irrelevant but take them out of the equation and it comes crashing down. In Hollywood, Janet Holden is not the superstar that fans and followers troop in to watch weekly on Will & Grace but she is the important wedge that puts Eric McCormack, her husband in the right frame of mind to go out and deliver onscreen every week. Who is she? Let’s learn more about the actress

Who is Janet Holden, Eric McCormack’s Wife?

Like a typical wedge, not much is known about Janet Holden. Other than being born in Edmonton, Canada, not much is known about her upbringing and parents, however, her full name is Janet Leigh Holden. As for her education, not much is known either other than the fact that she grew up in Canada and had her formal education in the country.

Janet Holden did not exist in the public media until she married Eric McCormack whom she met on the set of a CBS mini-series, Lonesome Dove in 1994. She worked as an assistant director on film and television projects prior to the meeting. After meeting Eric McCormack, who at the time was a budding Canadian actor before his Will & Grace fame, the two bonded and began a relationship that culminated in marriage in August 1997.

The couple, after a few years of enjoying the aloneness of marriage, welcomed their child, Finnigan Holden McCormack on the 1st of July, 2002 in Los Angeles. While many people are either a cat or dog lovers, Janet Holden is a lover of both pets. She and her husband have four dogs and two cats, which (if the events and rivalry of Tom and Jerry are anything to go by) must be a tedious way to live. But clearly not for Janet and the McCormack family who regularly shuttle between Los Angeles and Vancouver due to Eric’s work.

Janet has been a very supportive wife of Eric who began reappearing on the famous TV show, Will & Grace as Will Truman. Eric used to work on the show back when it ran from 1998 to 2006 but a recent revival in 2017 has put it and Eric back in the hot seat as a very busy actor. Of course, the recent revival is only good for McCormack because of the huge financial reward. The couple is considered to be worth $15 million.

Parents and Family

Unfortunately, other than her marital family i.e her husband and her son, nothing is known about Janet Holden’s extended family. The only information available to the media is that she was born in Canada to Canadian parents.

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Janet Holden’s Husband, Eric McCormack

Her more famous husband is a Canadian-American actor, Eric McCormack, who became famous for his roles in the sitcom Will & Grace, and in Netflix’s Travelers as Grant MacLaren. He was born in Toronto and went into acting in his high school days. He has appeared in notable projects outside of Will & Grace like Here’s to Life, Perception, Immigrants, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, American Dad! and Robot Chicken, amongst many others.

Eric McCormack has also been nominated for several awards and has won a few of them too. He has 38 nominations to his name including multiple Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations.

He, along with his wife, Janet Holden are philanthropists who have donated to several causes like Project Angel Food. He is an honorary board member of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

He has a production company, called Big Cattle Productions where he corporately develops ideas for Television. He has a star on the Canada Walk of Fame and another in America – the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He received both recognitions in 2010 and 2018 respectively.