Who Is Jojo Gomez – Demi Lovato Dancer & Choreographer, Is She Related to Selena Gomez?

It is not unusual to come across celebrities who have one or more things in common with other celebrities. This is often prevalent where you have celebrities bearing the same name and/or having one of their names similar to that of the other. Whenever this happens to be the case, their fans often take to the internet seeking information on whether or not their idols are related. Here, we will be treating one of such cases as we have got two talented young women Jojo Gomez and Selena Gomez bearing the same last name – Gomez. This has got a lot of people wondering whether or not they are related.

Who Is Jojo Gomez – Demi Lovato’s Dancer & Choreographer?

Jojo whose full name is Joanna Marie Gomez is a professional American dancer and choreographer. She was born on July 9, 1993, in Fairview, New Jersey, but was raised in South Hadley, a town in Massachusetts. Jojo Gomez as she is more famously known has an elder brother whose name is George.

As a child, she loved dancing a lot, trained in classical dancing and attended a dance workshop in Atlanta Georgia. After her high school graduation in the year 2011, she relocated to Los Angeles where she hoped to kick start her career. On Gomez’s arrival, she auditioned for the MTV Video Music Awards which she aced and got an opportunity to appear on the tribute of the MTV Video Music Award for her childhood idol – .

With this exposure, JoJo Gomez made more appearances on Radio Disney, bar mitzvahs, America Got Talent, children events, and even with stars one of which is. She kept on working for the next 5 years but soon began to see a decline in demand for her performances. The reason was simple, Jojo was putting on more weight. She tried dieting to shed weight but discovered it wasn’t working for her. Jojo then resolved to come up with dance styles that will be perfect for her body. In addition to this, she became a dance teacher to kids in a studio at Orange County. Also, she set up a YouTube channel where she uploaded dance videos she choreographed herself to the tune of songs by artists like , , , and .

It wasn’t too long and Jojo Gomez began to reap the benefits of putting her dance videos online. As more people got to know about her, she got offers to teach dance students. Marie then began working as a substitute dance teacher with the Millennium Dance Complex. She often records her dance classes and thereafter uploads the videos on her YouTube channel. Jojo’s career as a dance teacher has since then been on an upward movement.

In 2018, news about Jojo Gomez’s identity went viral following a passionate kiss gave her during their Sunday night performance in Miami. Jojo is Demi’s choreographer and a good one at that.


Is She Related to Selena Gomez?

Owing to their familiar last names, people have often asked if Jojo Gomez and are related. The more popular Gomez (Selena) from what we know doesn’t have a full sister. Her parents divorced when she was 5 and she was subsequently raised by her mother. She, however, has two half-sisters: Gracie Elliot Teefey from her mother’s (Amanda) second marriage to Brian Teefey and Victoria “Tori” Gomez from her father’s (Ricardo) second marriage to Sara Gomez. This then leaves us still wondering if Jojo Gomez is related to her in any way.

Taking a look at Jojo’s family, the only full sibling she has is an elder brother who goes by the name George. She doesn’t have a half brother or sister that it might be probable that she is related to Selena Gomez. She has also not commented on whether or not she is related to Selena, neither has the later made a disclosure to that effect.

Most likely, the sameness of their last names is a case of two different individuals bearing the same last name. Neil Armstrong and Karen Armstrong, Matthew Underwood and Carrie Underwood, ,  are all some other celebrities who bear the same surnames whereas they are not related in any way.

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