Who is Joshua Bam Bam Brown, is He Married or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Like the rest of his siblings, Joshua Bam Bam Brown brings the energy to the Alaskan Bush People, a hit reality show which airs on Discovery Channel. He is the second oldest son in the family and is known for his daring attributes. According to many sources, Bam Bam is one of the major stars in the show. From childhood, Joshua has exhibited so much tenacity and strength which made him stand out from the rest. It will be interesting to find out more about the enigmatic figure. Starting with the frequently asked question:

Who is Joshua Bam Bam Brown?

Ardent viewers of the peculiar show, Alaskan Bush People (ABP) know it for its abstract presentation of the Brown family who are in the fight for survival as they dwell in a distanced wilderness away from the contemporary world. Joshua Brown, known in the show as Bam Bam Brown was born on September 18, 1984, and is the second oldest son in the family headed by Billy Brown, his father and , his mother.

As mentioned earlier, he brings the energy and keeps the show afloat with his unique way of doing things. He is an explorer and an inquisitive one at that. Bam is a good hunter; with his kit and guts, he is slightly taking over the Chicagof island with his hunting exploits, together with his siblings. The Browns including Joshua are known for fishing and are very good at it. As the most adventurous and most co-ordinated, Bam Bam leads the fishing squad.

Bam does not embark on any adventures without his camera; he loves to capture every moment while on trips or expeditions. This does not mean he is as outgoing as the others. Joshua Brown is perceived as unique and different for his reserved persona. With BaM Bam around, one is always in expectation of the unexpected, as he is hardly predictive. Reports have it that Joshua left the show in 2017 to be with his girlfriend, said to be one of the producers of the show. But following his mother’s unfortunate lung cancer diagnosis, he returned to show.

His Net Worth

Joshua Bam Bam Brown makes most of is earnings from the Discovery show. Although he has not made an assertion, his net worth is estimated at $300,000. This figure is likely to have changed given that Joshua left the show in its sixth season.

Personal Life – Is He Married or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Joshua Brown drew a lot of attention to himself following his rumored relationship with Allison Kagan. While this may sound like a cliché to many, it is important to note that Kagan is one one of the producers of the ABP; she is a supervising field producer to be precise. More so, the two had left the show to live their life away from the cameras. It was Bam Bam’s abrupt exit from the show’s 6th season that attracted all the noise from viewers regarding his personal life. Even more perturbing to many was the report that his parents were vehemently against it.


To dwell a little on one of their love adventures, Joshua purchased a ferry boat with Allison while they were in New York. He purchased the 100-foot passenger ferry boat for about $55,000 from a desperate seller who wanted to sell it off by all means. He named the ferry ‘Osprey’ after the purchase. Joshua and Kagan then set out to renovate the ferry which they renamed ‘Fathom This!’ after its reconstruction.

Although he returned to the show after his mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, Joshua was still not free from the grips of the media. What trended next was the actual relationship status of the two (Joshua and Kagan). It was rumored that the two were engaged and would get married sooner than later but this has not been confirmed. It was also rumored that the lovebirds got married secretly in Hawaii. However, none of them has responded to the rumors or speculations. Joshua’s mother is said to be in remission at the moment; the entire family have been supportive and are doing all they can to sustain her.

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