Who Is Kat Graham, Who Is She Married To, What Is Her Race And Net Worth?

Who Is Kat Graham, Who Is She Married To, What Is Her Race And Net Worth?

Did you watch the famous Vampire Dairies? The supernatural drama series which aired from September 2009 to March 2017 starred amazing actors like Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, and Sara Canning. Remember Bonnie Bennett; the powerful witch who died several times but somehow, always found her way back to life? Her name is Kat Graham in real life. Let’s check out her life and career, tag along…

Who Is Kat Graham, What Is Her Race?

Katerina Alexandre Hartford Graham is an American actress, model, singer, and dancer. She had her first breath on September 5, 1989. From what we have gathered, the actress is a mix of several bloodlines. She is said to be of Swiss descent but there is so much more to that. Kat Graham was born in Geneva, Switzerland but bred in Los Angeles, California. Her father, Joseph is an Americo-Liberian. On the other hand, her mother Natasha who is originally from a Russian and Poland family is Jewish.

Kat has a half-brother named Yakov, he was born in Tel Aviv, Isreal. The actress was only 5 when her parents got divorced. It has been assumed that her mom was granted custody of little Kat as it explains why the actress and Yakov were raised in the Jewish religion. They even attended a Hebrew school. With such spice of ethnicity and mixed heritage, Kat turned out to be very fluent in English, French, and Spanish. She is also a bit good in Hebrew and Portuguese.

Her Net Worth

Aside from being multilingual, Kat seems to also be a money bag. She is obviously making good money from the art as her net worth screams of over $3 million. Kat’s pay pack from each episode of The Vampire Diaries was more than $35,000. In addition to that, she is paid an annual salary of over $97,500 for her modeling jobs.

Kat Graham is also known to have dabbled into other sources of income. The sale of her Hollywood Hills house paid off well. The Spanish-style house, a 2,174 square property was built in 1927. It comprised of a meditation room, a stone courtyard patio, and a music room. She parted with $849,000 when she purchased the house in 2014 but sold it off for $1.3 million. Now, that’s a huge profit margin. In September 2018, Kat launched an eyewear collection in collaboration with the renowned eyewear designer, Foster Grant.

In view of the foregoing, the total value of her wealth is bound to multiply in the nearest future.

Who Is She Married To?

Marriage? We don’t know about that. However, we do know that she ended an engagement of about two years with Cottrell Guidry in 2014. The duo started dating in 2008 and the fairytale went on for about four years. Cottrell asked her the forever question and they got engaged on October 28, 2012. At this point, we all had our fingers crossed in anticipation of their wedding.

Who Is Kat Graham, Who Is She Married To, What Is Her Race And Net Worth?
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Sadly, all that starts wells does not always end well. Their beautiful paradise was stirred by some trouble, things went south and all hell quietly let loose. On December 12, 2014, it all went down the drain as the admirable couple split and went their separate ways. That was goodbye to yet another couple’s crush – much to the contempt of their numerous fans.

Fast forward to 2015, Kat Graham was rumored to be dating Jay Pharoah. This news killed all hopes of the previous couple getting back together. The actress was always seen with the co-actor at shows, events, and parties. They did seem to be having such a great time together, to such extent one would be tempted to assume they were dating secretly while Kat was still with Cottrell. Well, they both never came forth to clear the air. No one knew how best to drag the words out of Kat’s mouth. The media tried all the tricks in their book but our Bonnie Bennett has remained mute about her love life after the Cottrell Guidry saga.

All that being said, we’ve concluded that Kat Graham must probably still be in singles town. At the moment, the actress is lost in her own world and focusing solely on her ever-blossoming career.