Who is Keith Stanfield? Here are 5 Facts You Need To Know

Who is Keith Stanfield? Here are 5 Facts You Need To Know

Fans of the award-winning horror film, Get Out, are familiar with the talented actor, Keith Stanfield. Since the launch of his career, he has proven to be a great actor with the roles he has received. He is frequently hailed as an actor to keep an eye on due to his talent and genius interpretation of roles.

Keith Stanfield has been active in the entertainment industry for over a decade and in that time, he has built an enviable body of work. Apart from his role in getting Out, he has also appeared in Sorry To Bother You, Atlanta, Straight Out Of Compton, Death Note, Selma, and The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Keep reading to learn five interesting facts about the California-born actor.

Who Exactly is Keith Stanfield?

Lakeith ‘Keith’ Lee Stanfield was born on the 12th of August in 1991. Though he was born in San Bernardino, California, he spent his childhood in Riverside and Victorville. Growing up, his childhood was not one of luxury and he has stated in many interviews that his family was poor and highly dysfunctional.

Keith Stanfield decided to go into acting at the age of 14, while he was in high school. Having made the decision to hone his craft as an actor, he started building his career slowly. He attended the John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center in Los Angeles and during his time there, he signed with an agent and began attending auditions for commercials.

His career in acting began in 2009, with his role in Short Term 12, a short film created by Destin Daniel Cretton as his final year thesis at San Diego State University. The film won an award at the Sundance Film Festival in the same year and went on to bag many more awards.

After Short Term 12, Keith Stanfield appeared in The Purge: Anarchy,  Selma, Straight Outta, Dope, and more. However, he began to gain critical acclaim for his role in the Donald Glover TV show, Atlanta where he played the fan-favorite character, Darius. After Atlanta, the actor appeared in one of his most popular roles to date Get Out. Since the success of getting Out, Keith Stanfield has steadily built his career to new heights of success.

Five Facts You Need To Know About Him

1. Method Actor

In the entertainment industry, method actors are highly revered; and an actor’s decision to take up method acting not only shows his or her commitment to the craft but also the versatility of an actor’s skill, as well as the broad range of their talent.

Method acting is when an actor incorporates the characteristics of the character they are to play in their real life, picking up their mannerisms down to the way they speak; this means they never break character until the filmmaking process ends. For his performance in the feature-length version of the short film, Short Term, Keith Stanfield applied this method for the character he played, Marcus.

Who is Keith Stanfield? Here are 5 Facts You Need To Know
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2. Fatherhood

This actor leads a very private life and his personal life is not privy to the general public. He has, however, been romantically linked to the actress Xosha Roquemore; the two have been dating since 2015 and in 2017, two years later, they had their first child together.

3. Internet Celebrity

In 2017, he was cast in the horror film Get Out. After the release of the film his character was the object of a lot of memes and GIFs on social media; this not only gave extra exposure to the film but also increased his popularity.

4. Rapper

Keith Stanfield is not just an actor; he is also a rapper and a poet. Stanfield is part of the band – MOORS but also leads a solo career in rap. Although they are not mainstream yet, you can see some of the band’s videos on YouTube, and follow them on social media. They released an EP in 2015 titled MOORS.

5. Acting Hiatus

After his debut performance, he appeared in one more short film before taking a break from acting. He spent the time doing odd jobs and trying his hand at anything that would keep him afloat. During this time, he worked at an AT&T office, did work as a roofer, a gardener and he also worked at a marijuana dispensary.