Who is Ken Bone, His Wife, Family, and Why Is He Famous?

Who is Ken Bone, His Wife, Family, and Why Is He Famous?

The 2016 US Presidential election remains unique and quite remarkable in the history of the country not just because it saw a major political twist having its very first presidential contest between New Yorkers since 1944, but also because it made a few unknown figures quite famous. One of the few people who made history in the historical election is Ken Bone, a rarely known individual who now turned into one of America’s heroes.

For those who do not know who Ken Bone is and why he became famous, this article is meant to give you a perfect answer to your questions.

Who Is Ken Bone and Why is He Famous?

Kenneth Bone is known by those close to him as a coal power plant operator from Illinois. The white Midwesterner suddenly became a figure of widespread interest after asking a question at the second presidential debate in October 2016.

The debate which was held at Washington University in St. Louis could have ended like the rest of its kind had the politically ambiguous Ken Bone, clad in his red sweater, not raised a remarkable, yet sensitive question about the US energy policy that cuts through the heart of every American.

Confidently facing the two major presidential candidates – Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump – on the October 9 debate, Bone changed the almost tensed atmosphere to a more relaxed one when he suddenly threw the question about how the country would move towards cleaner energy jobs while minimizing job loss in the energy sectors. Although he appeared more undecided on whom among the two candidates to vote for at the end of the debate, his questions seemed to have been specifically directed to Hilary Clinton following her infamous “Put a lot of coal miners out of business” statement.

“What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers?”  Ken Bone asked.

Bone’s question was very important at that time because it was the only question that needed the presidential candidates to answer, giving a substantial policy. His question redirected the people’s attention to what every well-meaning citizen wanted from the candidates: an honest discussion of policy as Presidential hopefuls, rather than the outrageous statements and the parade of attacks the 2016 election degenerated to. Bone’s question was the first of its kind in the US election cycle’s presidential or vice-presidential face-offs that dealt directly with energy or the environment.

Ken Bone’s rise to fame was not just because of his question, the audience was first drawn to his be-sweatered appearance during an unpalatable political event. When the debate moderator Anderson Cooper called on him to ask his question, the audience had a good laugh when he stood up and mentioned his name which at the time sounded too funny, coupled with his funny appearance. His red sweater gave him an innocent fluff that attracted nearly everyone around him. Mr. Bone continued to wear the sweater in his media appearances after the debate to the extent that it became his trademark.

Top of it all was how he described himself as a “huggable, likable guy in the middle of the nasty and divisive debate. He automatically became a social media hero after his question, gaining over 240 thousand followers on his Twitter page.

His temporary rise to fame was a clear example of how the internet can make and mar one’s perception almost instantaneously. His question was tweeted about tens of thousands of times. He even inspired a number of Facebook pages with thousands of fans of their own.

Ken Bone’s Sudden Fall

Much to people’s dismay, Ken Bone’s fame was short-lived after he agreed to do a Reddit Ask me Anything, allowing anonymous people to read through his history as an anonymous Reddit user. A couple of days after, the news of him being a hero dissipated, giving room for a different Ken Bone story that painted him more bad than good.

Who is Ken Bone, His Wife, Family, and Why Is He Famous?
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Ken Bone: Family, Wife

Ken has a beautiful wife whose name is Heather Bone. She joined her husband in the overnight social media fame after he gave credits to her for making the iconic Plan B wardrobe choice for the debate.

Heather Bones is Kennet Bone’s high school sweetheart who later got married to him some years back. Although she is relatively new to social media, her husband’s fame also gave her Twitter page a massive growth of over 1,730 followers.

According to Ken’s confession in The New York Times, it appears that Heather initially bought the red sweater so her husband would wear it to The Phantom of the Opera. The red sweater suddenly became the best at the moment to replace his already ripped olive-colored suit which he had earlier planned to wear. The couple has a son named Logan who at the time had a share in his parents’ social media fame. Unfortunately, there is no further information about Bone’s parents and members of his extended family. Ken refers to his wife as the best person he ever knew.

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