Who Is Kristina Tholstrup? Roger Moore’s Millionaire Danish-Swedish Wife

Roger Moore is one man we all knew, loved and celebrated. The English actor until his death in 2017 wowed the world with his amazing performances in countless blockbuster movies, most notably the movie series where he played the titular character from 1973 to 1985. Besides having a very interesting and rewarding career, one other interesting aspect of Moore’s life was his personal life. He was married four times in his lifetime, with his fourth marriage being to Swedish-born Danish socialite Kristina Tholstrup.

Moore and Tholstrup, who was popularly known as Kiki, were married for fifteen years (2002 until his death in 2017). The legendary actor famously described their union as a “tranquil” one, further adding that she was his “soul mate”. This description has prompted many to wonder about who the woman that brought the happiest years to Roger Moore’s life is. In case you are one of those in wonder, please wonder no more as we’ve got you covered. Below is all there is to know about Roger Moore’s Danish-Swedish wife, Kristina Tholstrup.

Who Is Kristina Tholstrup?

Kristina Tholstrup was born in Sweden in September 1941 to parents of Danish origin. Asides that she spent her early days in Sweden with her parents, nothing more is known about her childhood days, parents or siblings.

Tholstrup is said to have found work as a flight attendant in her younger days before getting into acting and appearing in a couple of TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Some of the works she has appeared in include Zulu Royal 2, Vivement Dimanche, Kongeligt bryllup, The Wedding, A Princess for Christmas (uncredited), Frederik & Mary and Prins Henrik.

Relationships and Marriage To Roger Moore

Before her marriage to Moore, which was his fourth and her third marriage, Kristina Tholstrup was already a millionaire. She was more popular for marrying two Swedish tycoons who both died and left her with huge inheritances.

The two first met after Roger was diagnosed with cancer and she was battling the same disease at the time. Moore would later reveal in his book My Word is My Bond, that he had become drawn to Kristina and thought much about her after she passed on a message to him wishing him well.

Moore and his future wife were both living in the same neighborhood at the time and the ailing actor was still married to his third wife, Luisa Mattioli, who was reportedly friends with Kristina. According to Roger, their shared experience in the fight against cancer caused them to grow fond of each other and they soon became close friends. Their close relationship, of course, caused a dent in his marriage and Katrina’s friendship with Luisa who said she felt betrayed.

In 1993, Moore and Luisa separated, and soon after, he began dating Kristina Tholstrup. He sought for divorce from Mattioli who refused until 2000 after the former couple agreed on a £10 million settlement but at this time, Roger was already living with Tholstrup in Monte Carlo.

In 2002, the duo tied the knot in a private ceremony. Moore clearly stated in his book that he found his soul mate in Kristina and that it made him happier than words could ever express. The couple traveled the world together as Roger discharged his duties as a UNICEF representative working with children. The couple remained until his death in May 2017.

Katrina and Roger had no children together but they were parents to four children; Deborah Christian Moore, and Geoffrey Robert Moore from Roger previous marriage, and Christina Knudsen from Tholstrup’s previous relationship. Kristina Tholstrup, unfortunately, lost her daughter to cancer in 2016, she was aged 47.

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Net Worth

Kristina Tholstrup has done very well for herself, in regards to her net worth. As earlier stated, she was married twice to two Swedish tycoons, whom both died and left her with inheritances worth millions of dollars. The socialite also inherited a fortune from Roger, which now puts her net worth at $60 million.

In 2010, she won a libel case against Daily Mail for a published piece that claimed she was a mistress of a Playboy in the French Riviera back in her youth. After the accusations were proven to be completely false and defamatory, Daily Mail had to pay her £10 million as damages.

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