Who Is Kyle Sloter? His Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Bio

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. In the NFL, Kyle Sloter is one of those reasons. Irrespective of his lanky structure which many believed would be his greatest undoing in the league, Kyle has been able to assert himself as a fine footballer, first with the Denver Broncos and now with the Minnesota Vikings.

Disregarding his football career, what else is worth knowing about this quarterback? Let’s find out, shall we?

Bio – Who Is Kyle Sloter?

It has been quite hard for people who want to know a thing or two about this bloke to get the information they quest for as Kyle Sloter has led a super-private life. Even as details of his upbringing and family background are hard to come by, it is known that the Vikings star was birthed on the 7th of February and in the year 1994. His place of birth is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Born to Michelle and Daryl Sloter, Kyle Joseph Sloter isn’t the only child of his parents. He has a younger brother named Jordan. As both of his parents played basketball at Wartburg College, one would have imagined that Kyle will end up in the NBA. This didn’t happen as fate had alternative plans for him.

Although he played basketball with his Mount Pisgah Christian High School team and even received several prestigious recognitions including the Team MVP, All-District, All-Region, and All-State honors, his passion was with football which he equally played with the school’s team. It is said that he accumulated as much as 87 touchdowns, 3,000 rushing yards, and 6,000 passing yards. Like in basketball, his performance in football brought him a handful of coveted accolades. He received the first-team honors for All-Metro, All-Area, All-Regio, All-District, and All-State. By the time he was set to move on to college, several platforms rated him as a two-star recruit.

While majoring in finance, Sloter kicked off his college career as a wide receiver with the Golden Eagles of the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). He spent three seasons (2012 to 2014) with the school’s team before joining the Bears of the University of Northern Colorado in 2015. During his time with the Golden Eagles, he was featured in only 13 games out of which he started in 2. In all, he was able to pull off one touchdown, catching seven passes for 47 yards. For each of the 3 seasons Kyle spent with the USM team, he received the Conference USA Commissioner’s Academic Honor Roll.

Sloter got more playtime when he joined the Bears and was played in various positions. He was featured as a wide receiver and punt returner before he transitioned into a quarterback. Most people would agree that the last season of Kyle’s college career was his finest. Among other things, he became the first quarterback to accomplish over 2,000 yards throw since the 2013 season. His 29 touchdown passes for the season set a new record for UNC Division I just as his week 2 six touchdown passes equaled the all-time record in a single game. Additionally, he was able to grab 3 rushing touchdowns while rushing for 203 yards.

From what we learned, Kyle had a stint with Ashford Advisors, a financial company in Atlanta before he decided to play football professionally. The 2017 NFL Draft left him as a free agent but the Denver Broncos got him signed sometime in June 2017. A few months later, precisely on September 2, 2017, the team released him. About two days later, Kyle Sloter was signed to the Minnesota Vikings, joining the practice squad. He joined the active roster of the team before the month ran out.

His Height, Weight, And Body Measurements

As it is believed that the height and general body structure of a footballer goes a long way to determine performance, professional players are expected to have a good height, corresponding weight, and maintain decent physical fitness. Granted that Kyle Sloter’s 6 ft 4 in height is ideal for the sport, he weighs only 218 lb. This made many express that he’s ungracefully thin and tall to play football at a professional level.

Thankfully, this quarterback has shown that even a lanky player can still thrive in the NFL. Other details of his body measurements are yet to be confirmed.