Who is Lake Bell Husband? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Sometimes life as an actress and a writer could go beyond touching or inspiring the lives of the audience or reader to entirely changing the life of the actor behind the scene or even that of the author. Arts is indeed a therapy and the likes of Lake Bell surely agree to this.

Having played a role in such emotional films as No Strings AttachedMan Up and of course her latest work, I Do… Until I Don’t, Bell’s self-confessed cynical and anti-institutional ideology about marriage fused out over time after meeting her heartthrob.

Born on March 24, 1979, as Lake Siegel Bell, the American actress and screenwriter has featured in a lot more films and TV series some of which include How to Make It in America, The Secret Life of Pets, Million Dollar Arm, It’s Complicated, and Home Again, among a host others.

Bell belongs to the White-American ethnicity and is an American by nationality. She began her acting career in 2002, with a film titled Speakeasy but her first remarkable role as an actress was in the 2003 psychological thriller I Love Your Work where she played a female lead alongside the American actor, Jeff Goldblum. Bell has since then appeared in more films and TV series, especially those that talk about love and relationships. The popular dramedy, Miss Match, falls in this category with Bell playing the role of a Match-maker’s best friend who happens to have flings with men. Other romantic comedies like Over Her Dead Body and What Happens in Vegas both produced in 2008, has Bell taking up roles that cannot be undermined by the audience.

Among all the romantic films Bell has worked on, the 2017 comedy I Do… Until I Don’t, seem to have more effect on her ideas about marriage. While working on the project, Lake Bell was determined to look into the matter of “commitment and marriage” especially as it directly contradicts her near-changing perception about the institution. It is a near-changing perception because she gradually began to face the fact about what marriage is all about when she met her sweetheart and father of her children. Let’s get to know who Lake Bell’s husband really is.

Who Is Lake Bell’s Husband?

The New York City-born was thirty-five years when she settled down in marriage. She started dating tattoo artist Scott Campbell in 2011 and in March of the following year, she said yes to his marriage proposal.

Campbell is a Kingwood High School graduate, he attended the University of Texas where he studied biochemistry but later dropped out. Born into a Southern Baptist family, on May 13, 1977, Campbell began his tattooing career in his twenties. He, however, became popular in New York City after going through training at the Picture Machine, after which he opened a tattoo shop named Save Tattoo where he began to create different reliefs using uncirculated US currency sheets.

His rich tattoo culture took him around the world from Europe to Asia and America with celebrities like the Australian actor and director Heath Ledger being among his clients. Aside from his tattooing business, Cambell is also famous for his carved sculptures and watercolor paintings. He also provided special designs for companies like Louis Vuitton.

The star actress met her hubby Campbell when they worked together on the set of her HBO dramedy show How to Make It in America in 2011. The two agreed to tie the nuptial knot on June 1, 2013, in New Orleans. They had their first child, a girl they named Nova in October 2014. In May 2017, the couple welcomed their son and second child, Ozzi short for Ozgood. 

Here’s Everything You Need To Know 

1. Bell has a Jewish father and a Protestant mother. She also has a brother named Luke Siegal and together they were raised in what she referred to as a “comically dysfunctional” family.

2. In addition to being an actress, Lake Bell is a director and a model. Her first piece of work as a director and writer was the 2013 American comedy film In a World… while her latest as at 2018 is the comedy film I Do… Until I Don’t which she also starred in. She also wrote and directed Worst Enemy, a short film that later earned her various awards like the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award: U.S. Dramatic in 2013. As a model, Bell modeled for Scott Caan Photographs, Vol. 1; and appeared in photoshoots for Elle, a worldwide lifestyle magazine. She even modeled nude with body painting, for the 2013 New York Fashion Week.

3. Lake Bell is worth about $3 million as of 2018. She earns an annual salary of about $101,000, according to Celebrity’s net worth.

4. She is a passionate painter. While her husband does his paintings for business purposes, Bell does hers in her free time for leisure.

5. In 2014, Bell was nominated for the Independent Spirit Awards — Best First Screenplay.