Who Is Lilypichu? Here Is Everything To Know About The Social Media Star

Lilypichu is one lady who has made a name for herself in the online community. Even if you do not know her for her gaming and art skills, then you will certainly have heard of the cheating scandal surrounding her and her man. The controversy has evenly divided the online community with fans, and other internet personalities, giving their own ‘two cents’ on the issue. So, who really is Lilypichu? How did she become famous? What are the pertinent details of the cheating scandal? All these and more are explored below. 

Who Exactly Is Lilypichu?

Lily Ki was born on the 20th of November 1991 in California, United States. She hails from a family of four which comprises of her parents (of Korean origin) as well as a younger brother named Daniel and herself. The internet personality also had a much-beloved grandma who was unfortunately killed in a road accident. Lilypichu grew up in California and endured a tough childhood. Her family moved around a lot and she found it hard to establish stable friendships. She also endured a lot of bullying in school and all these threw the young girl into depression. Her grades plummeted and her parents had to get her professional help. While grappling with these struggles, Lilypichu found solace in music, gaming, and drawing. She spent copious amounts of time on the internet, exploring these interests, and soon bonded with other like-minded people online. 

Here Are Other Interesting Things To Know About The Internet Star

She has no less than 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube 

Lilypichu created her YouTube channel in March 2006. She, however, did not post any content until 2010 when she shared an anime skit. The skit received lots of views and this encouraged her to carry on. The California native continued sharing diverse content ranging from musical parodies, animations, and gameplay. She subsequently became an internet celebrity in 2011 after her musical parody, I’ll Quit LOL, became a viral sensation and garnered more than 6 million views. Since then, Lilypichu has extended her influence to other social media platforms such as Twitch, Twitter and Instagram. She now has more than 1.7 million subscribers, and 282 million views, on YouTube, 785,000 followers on Twitch, 370,000 followers on Twitter and 480,000 followers on Instagram. 

She is a member of Offline TV

Asides her solo work, Lilypichu is also a principal member of the famous online collective, Offline TV. Offline TV is simply a group of social media personalities/friends who share living quarters and create content together. The group is based in Beverly Hills and their work range from gaming to prank videos. Other members of Offline TV include Scarra (famous Twitch streamer and League of Legends Pro), Pokimane (Moroccan-Canadian gamer & YouTuber), Fedmyster (Twitch streamer/YouTuber), and Disguised Toast (Facebook gamer). Offline TV has been quite successful. They have at least 842,000 subscribers on YouTube and 127,000 followers on twitch.

She previously dated fellow internet personality, Albert Chang

Lilypichu previously dated fellow Offline TV member, Albert Chang. Popularly known as Sleightlymusical, Chang is a Korean-American musician/magician. He is renowned for his musical covers, magic trick clips, and gameplay. Lilypichu and Chang commenced their relationship around 2018. They took several vacations together and showcased their travels on Instagram. The loved-up pair also created joint content which fetched them lots of fans. The couple’s relationship, however, hit a snag in November 2019 after it emerged that Chang had cheated on his girlfriend with Twitch streamer, Sarah Lee. Following this revelation, several members of Offline TV bashed Chang on Twitter with one describing him as a “massive snake”. They were however forced to backtrack after several people accused them of getting mileage out of the issue. 

Lilypichu is presently on a hiatus

Following the whole controversy, Lilypichu, took to her Twitter account on the 11th of November 2019 to plead for calm. She disclosed that she was heartbroken and that she had broken up with Chang. The YouTuber also revealed that she was not in the best frame of mind and that she would be stepping away from social media for some time. Chang, on his own part, released a Twitter statement where he admitted that he had been unfaithful. He apologized for his “selfish and irredeemable behavior”. He also disclosed that he would be taking an indefinite hiatus in order to do a sober reflection. The harvest of apologies did not stop at this juncture. Sarah Lee also released her own Twitter statement where she apologized for the “extreme hurt” that she had caused Lilypichu. She further disclosed that she would be taking some time off for sober reflection.

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