Who Is Lisa Lu? Her Husband, Children, Family, Bio, And Acting Career

Who Is Lisa Lu? Her Husband, Children, Family, Bio, And Acting Career

The true beauty of film performance lies in the ability to introduce diversity into the acting experience and Lisa Lu is one actress who does that perfectly well. She combines her love for diverse cultures, her diverse experiences, and her flair for Asian and American languages to pioneer a unique blend of mastery and charisma in Hollywood. No wonder she is popularly referred to as  “One- take Lisa” – a true master in the art of role delivery. In addition to her acting prowess, the iconic Chinese-born American actress is also a documentary producer, singer, and academy professional. Learn more about Lisa below.

Bio – Who Is Lisa Lu?

Lisa Lu is a Chinese-born American movie star, singer, and producer whose outstanding performances in movies earned her three Golden Horse Awards during the ’70s. She was born in Beijing, China on the 19th of January 1927 as Yen Chun Lu. During her teenage years, she learned Chinese Peking opera from her mom, Li-Tung Chen, who was a professional opera performer. Before she left China for the United States, she was already good in opera performance. Upon arrival in the United States, Lisa settled in California where she eventually kicked off her acting career. She also starred in several opera shows and soon became an awesome Peking opera prima donna in California. As a result of her top-notch Peking style, she was hired to tutor in different opera academies in the US. Even in her old age, she still teaches opera as a professional.

Her Acting Career

Ever wondered why Lisa Lu is renowned as one of the pioneer actresses of Hollywood? Well, that’s because she has been active in the industry for over six decades and counting. She has received several awards and has been featured in countless television series and films. Apart from opera, she is also a big history when it comes to acting. She started making television appearances in her mid-twenties. At the time, she was featured in TV shows such as the Hey Girl series, Noble House, and Have Gun – Will Travel, among others.

She made her first big-screen appearance in 1960 while appearing in the war film, Mountain Road were portrayed the lead role alongside James Stewart. After that, she played supporting role in movies such as Rider on the Dead Horse (1962), The Arch (1970), The 14 Amazons (1972)Demon Seed (1977), Saint Jack (1979), and The Last Emperor (1986), where she portrayed the famous Chinese Empress Dowager.

Who Is Lisa Lu? Her Husband, Children, Family, Bio, And Acting Career
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During the ’90s, the actress appeared in the American drama film, Joy Luck Club where she starred as An-Mei Hsu. She also featured in Temptation of a Monk (1993), I Love Trouble (1994), and Blindness (1998). In the 2000s, she starred in notable movies including Lust, Caution (2007), 2012 (2009), and Apart Together (2010), among others. Her latest movie is the 2018 comedy-drama, Crazy Rich Asians where she played the role of a Matriarch from the wealthiest family in Singapore.

Lisa Lu’s acting career has been a dedicating and rewarding one with lifetime awards from various appreciative platforms especially for her role in Chinese movies. She has received three distinguished Golden Horse Awards from Hollywood Foreign Press Association at Asian World Film Festival. The awards were due to her role in films like The Last Emperor, The Arch, and 14 Amazons.

She’s also a member of the Prestigious Screening Committee for documentary and foreign films. Through this organization, she pushes her documentary production to the target communities. Additionally, Lisa Lu has also made her mark as a writer. She worked as a journalist at the Voice of America and also served as a backup writer at the Chinese World Screen.

Lisa Lu’s Family: Husband and Children

The charismatic actress Lisa Lu was married to Shelling Hwong. Hwong was a local miner in Herrin, Illinois. They lived happily in Los Angeles California until his death in 1996, at the age of 74. The cause of his death was, however, not disclosed to the public. Since his death, Lu has taken over family responsibilities.

The couple had only one child, a daughter named Lucia Hwong. Lucia has established herself as a well-known American composer and instrumentalist. She was born in Hawaii and raised in Los Angeles, California. She writes songs for films and other theatre performances. Her favorite instrument is the pipe which she started playing at the age of six. It is said that once she plays her pipe, she gets lost in the reality of its melody while producing soul-stirring music. She also engages in Philanthropy, hence hosting many philanthropic events.