Who Is Marshmello, What Does He Look Like? Age, Height, Net Worth

For a long time, the big question in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene was who is Marshmello? Any way that question has been somewhat answered as the masked disc jockey has been identified as . He is best known for his works as a DJ and a producer. His genre of music includes (but is not restricted to) electric dance/music. If you are wondering what type of music this is, it is one played with electric musical instruments. This Pennsylvanian born artist has been in the spotlight since 2015 when he began releasing remixes of hits from singers like Jack Ü and .

Aside remixing, he has also worked on a lot of singles including the ones he did in collaboration with other artists. Marshmello is a very successful artist as a couple of his songs such as Silence, Wolves, Friends and Happier were certified platinum in America and multi-platinum in several other countries. In addition to being a musical artist, he is also an internet sensation with over 30,000,000 subscribers on YouTube. Not much has been confirmed about his personal life and a lot is yet to be uncovered. Let us learn more about the EDM DJ and producer.

Who is Marshmello and What Does He Look Like? Age

Marshmello’s real name is Christopher Comstock and he was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 19, 1992. He moved to California, specifically, Los Angeles and he currently lives there. His looks on stage while performing sees him adorn a marshmallow helmet. He is said to be emulating masked artists such as and Daft Punk. However, behind the mask, he is a young and talented artist with brown colored hair and hazel eyes whose other alias is DotCom. Asides his music, he is known for his works of charity. He won a million dollars on Epic’s E3 Celebrity Pro-Am charity tournament, which he donated to Kids In Need of Defense. He has other philanthropic works to his credit.


Marshmello has had a great career so far. He kicked off his career in 2015 when he released his first original song on SoundCloud titled, WaVeZ on March 3, 2015. Although it was not an instant hit, the song was largely successful. He would, however, have his first breakthrough in the world of entertainment when he released remixes of popular songs such as DJ Jack Ü’s Beautiful Now and DJ Zedd’s Where Are U Now in the same year, 2015. These releases earned him a lot of fame and recognition from the public, celebrities as well as fellow DJs.

The EDM disc jockey who infuses light-hearted pop, intense heavy bass, dubstep, and hip-hop in his mix has become a name to be reckoned with in the music industry. He had released various popular singles in collaboration with contemporary musicians such as Sia, , Omar LiX, Jauz, among several others. He released his first album titled Joytime in 2016 and it had 10 tracks. His songs have also been on the list of Billboard Hot 100. In 2019, he released a single titled Here With Me with the Scottish band known as Chvrches. For his outstanding work, he has been rewarded with five prestigious awards and over 20 nominations.

About His Family – Parents

Marshmello hasn’t disclosed much about the family he grew up with, just little droplets of information on his YouTube channel as well as his music. He featured his father on his YouTube channel on Father’s day in 2018. From his posts on Instagram, he seems to have a close relationship with his father and reserved a special place for him in his heart. On one of his posts, he was seen sitting with his father who was also wearing a marshmallow helmet – with his own modified to include a mustache.

Also, he featured his mother on mother’s day on his channel. They both prepared one of her favorite home meals. Despite unveiling his parents’ on the channel, he didn’t disclose their names. The type of vocations his parents are involved in are also not known.

Is Marshmello in a Relationship?

The love life of celebrities is always a hot topic on the media. Fans and admirers clamor for information about the relationship lives of their favorite celebrities, hence the media coverage. Marshmello, who is a popular DJ and producer has not revealed much about his love life or relationship status. At this time, it is uncertain if he is any relationship as he has kept this aspect of his life under wraps. There are no records available on previous relationships he might have had. The trap producer doesn’t have any children known to the public. As for his sexual orientation, he is believed to be straight.

What is Marshmello’s Net Worth

Chris Comstock or Marshmello as he has popularly known is a very successful DJ and producer. His career which kicked off in the early months of 2015 has been extremely successful. He has several platinum singles to his credit which has been received warmly by his audience. To have a platinum record one must have a very huge amount of sales of his or her songs and his singles that reached platinum had up to 500,000 sales unit.


Prior to June 2017, Marshmello made over $21 million from sales and shows. He was included in Forbes list of wealthiest DJs. There is no statistical analysis of his salary or earnings since his career began but it is believed that he is worth several millions of dollars.

Height – How Tall is Marshmello?

As celebrities, every aspect of their lives is always a subject of interest to the public, including their body details. Marshmello, on his part, hasn’t disclosed much about his body measurements, however, he is believed to be about 5 feet 11 inches in height while his weight is not known – neither are his other body statistics.

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