Who is Matthew Mario Rivera? 6 Things You Need to Know

If you are familiar with NBC News and MNSBC American political correspondence Kasie Hunt, then chances are that you will know her husband Matthew Mario Rivera – an American-born multimedia producer, reporter and adjunct professor currently working at The Wall Street Journal. He is also responsible for broadcasting the show Meet the Press.

His career in Journalism took-off after his involvement with NBC News in 2010, he became established with the NBCNews.com as a senior video producer. The multimedia producer has earned several commendations for his efforts at NBC. According to the media outfit, Mario contributed to changing the way they leverage digital through the launching of several OV news series and their rich video archives to explain the political process better.

Who is Matthew Mario Rivera?

Mario’s date of birth is the 24th of May 1985, he was born under the zodiac sign of the heavenly twins Gemini in New York City the United States of America. He belongs to the white ethnicity and has an American nationality. His mum Loraine V. Vetter works as a registered nurse at St. Catherine of Sienna Medical Center in Smith-town while his dad Daniel O. Rivera is a retired lieutenant from the sheriff’s office. Matthew Mario Rivera became the step-son of Larry Vetter when his mom got married again, following her separation from Mario’s dad. Larry operates a consulting company in New York City as an environmentalist. The only record available on his educational qualification is that he graduated cum laude from the University of New York.


6 Things You Need to Know

1. Career Path

Matthew Mario Rivera has been with the MTP broadcast as well as its digital iterations. He put in as an adjunct professor at the NYU, works at The Wall Street Journal where he functions as Multimedia producer, besides his work at NBC News.

2. Relationship History

Although he may have recorded a few failed relationships in the past, Mario’s one and only love is Kasie Hunt, a fellow journalist whom he met at NBC News Washington. They tied the knot on the 26th of May 2017 after their official engagement of August 13, 2010, which was announced in NBC Morning Show by and his co-host Their nuptials took place at Shenandoah Woods in a nondenominational ceremony. The officiating minister was a Baptist priest Va. Marian Sieke, a close friend of Kasie’s family. Matthew Mario Rivera and Kasie’s wedding was well attended by friends and family among whom are Kasie’s 91-year-old grandfather who danced with the bride to the cheering of the guests.

3. His Spouse

Now that we have thoroughly explored the details of the life of the multimedia producer, let’s take a time out and look at the that of his wife’s background. The wife of Matthew Mario Rivera as stated earlier is Kasie Hunt and she was born as the daughter of Krista and Bruce Hunt in Pennsylvania, US, on the 24th of May 1985. Kasie’s early education was accomplished at Conestoga High School Pennsylvania. After her high school graduation in 2003, she proceeded to George Washington University where she bagged a BA in international affairs in 2006. She did her masters at St. John majoring in Sociology.

Her journalism career commenced with an Internship in the political unit of NBC News, Washington D.C. Kasie spent five years at NBC, she moved to The Associated Press where she put-in 13 months as a news assistant before making her exit in 2007. Since then, Kasie has held down several other jobs, she was with National Journal’s Congress Daily where she worked as a health policy reporter, From July 2008 to February 2010, her writing was focused on the passage of Affordable Care Act. Kasie became part of Politico for a year and her coverage encompassed the midterm elections of 2010, New Hampshire and the GOP nomination race in Iowa. She was also responsible for the coverage of the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney in 2012 and she is presently working at NBC and MSNBC.

4. Net Worth

The producer’s habit of keeping his personal life away from the public has really led to the dearth of sufficient information on his life. Till date, his net worth has never been made public, but it is believed to be in the neighbourhood of six figures.

5. Body Stats

The details of his body measurements are not accessible at the moment but it is a known fact that Matthew Mario Rivera is a tall guy with a slim build. The colour of his hair is black/brown and his eyes are light brown in colour.

6. Social Media Profile

Mario has a tangible presence on the social, he is active on both Twitter and Instagram. With his Twitter handle, he is enjoying a following of over 2k and his Instagram account has around 390 followers.

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