Who Is Meadow Rain Walker, Paul Walker’s Daughter? Her Mom, Bio

One of the modern movie world’s greatest tragedies was the death of . The actor who was famous for playing Brian O’Connor in the Fast and Furious film franchise lost his life in a car accident at the young age of 40. Paul had a daughter at the time of his death and he was very close to her. He had taken a break from acting at the time to spend more time with his daughter. Paul had the girl with his former girlfriend, Rebecca McBrain and named her Meadow Rain Walker the day she was born on November 4, 1999.

Who Is Meadow Rain Walker, Paul Walker’s Daughter? – Bio

Depending on who you ask, it is great luck to be born to one of the most famous actors on the planet. It is a status that bequeaths you popularity and comes with certain responsibilities, especially regarding your conduct in public. None of that seemed to be a problem for Meadow Walker while her father was alive. She who was born in 1999 on November the 4th, but spent her early years living with her mother in Hawaii. She did not have a chance to connect properly with her father until she moved to Santa Barbara in California to live with him at the beginning of her teenage years.

By getting closer to her father, Meadow Rain Walker got to be a part of the wider Walker family that included her uncle Cody Walker who is also an actor and her grandfather, Paul William Walker III who was a two time Golden Gloves champion. Paul Walker appointed , his co-star on the Fast and Furious franchise and close friend to be her godfather.

Moving to Santa Barbara was a great change in Meadow’s life. Outside of getting closer to her father, who she described as her best friend, she was able to interact with several of her favorite actors and actresses while spending her holidays with her father on movie sets.

Although there is no publicly documented information about her education history, Meadow is believed to be a student. She also doesn’t have a documented career of interest at the moment although it is believed that due to being surrounded by actors as a result of her father’s profession, she might follow in his footsteps. While she may not have a job or career she’s focusing on at this moment, she’s continued her father’s charity works. Meadow was left with her father’s estates worth well over $25 million and she also won a lawsuit against Roger Rodas’ Estate which earned her $10.1 million.

As a teenager, her favorite tv show is Keeping Up With the Kardashians and she’s a huge fan of . The singer invited her to one of his concerts shortly after her father’s death.

Paul’s Death

On the day she lost her father, Paul had died in an accident on his way back from a charity event for ROWW (Reach Out Worldwide) which was his way of giving back. After his death, she relocated to Hawaii to live with her mother but a custody battle soon ensued when her paternal grandmother, Cheryl Walker sought to become her legal guardian.

Meadow, who was 14 at the time of her father’s death required a legal guardian. The battle came as a result of Meadow Rain’s mother’s history with alcohol abuse. The young girl had relocated to Santa Barbara in order to get away from her mother’s troubles in the first place. Her mother, Rebecca Soteros had however gotten better in her absence and felt she was capable of raising her daughter. It was a decision the Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner, David J Cowan agreed to when he declared the legal guardian of Meadow Rain to be Rebecca. Both mother and daughter currently reside in Paul’s home in California.


Meadow Rain Walker’s Mom

Not a lot of information is available about Rain’s mother. We know her name is Rebecca Soteros and she used to date Paul Walker. Their relationship may not have lasted, but it gave birth to Meadow. Rebecca raised Meadow for the first 13 years of her life before a battle with alcohol abuse forced her to give up her daughter to her father. But Meadow’s absence was the opportunity she needed to work on herself and be a better person so her daughter could come home again. She did eventually get better and won a legal custody fight to become Meadow’s guardian after her father’s death. She currently lives with her daughter in California.

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