Who Is Michelle Meyrink? 6 Quick Facts About the Canadian Actress

Canada is a country filled with people of diverse talents, a majority of whom are plying their trade in the film industry. From to , , , Michelle Meyrink and many others, the country has every type of actor and actress you can think of.

While we have written extensively on the other actors and actresses listed above, this write-up is dedicated solely to Meyrink; her background, acting career, and every other piece of information we were able to gather about her. The actress is reportedly retired and has stayed off the limelight for a long time. However, we gathered a lot of things about her that will guide you through her rise to fame and later life.

Who Is Michelle Meyrink?

In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and on the 1st day of September 1962, Michelle Meyrink was born to Canadian parents. As a young child, Michelle had a penchant for acting, showing early signs of what she would love to do when she got older. When she came of age, she began getting roles as an offbeat teen girl, appearing in many comedy films, television series, as well as feature films.

Her first credited film role was in the 1983 Valley Girl where she starred as Suzi Brent. The American romantic comedy film was directed by Martha Coolidge and it had other casts like who played as Randy, Lee Purcell as Beth Brent and many others. In this same year, Michelle Meyrink also starred in The Outsiders before getting a lot busy in the years that followed starring in several other films.

The Canadian actress had roles as various characters in 1984 films like Revenge of the Nerds, National Lampoon’s Joy of Sex, and the television series Family Ties. The next year, she began with Real Genius which turned out to be one of her most popular roles. She also starred in One Magic Christmas before the year ended. The next that we saw Michelle Meyrink was in 1987 beginning with her role in the television movie Tonight’s the Night which was followed by Nice Girls Don’t Explode and then Permanent Record (1988) where she starred alongside , Pamela Gidley, Jennifer Rubin, and others.

Since her last acting role, Michelle Meyrink has stayed away from the set of films. The following are facts to know about her.

Quick Facts About the Canadian Actress

1. Her Net Worth

Michelle Meyrink might not have had a long acting career, but in the few years she was known as an actress, the Canadian did make her impact felt in the industry for which she earned quite a substantial amount of money. Though several sources have quoted one figure or the other to be her net worth, a conservative estimate puts it at a modest bracket of around $660,000 and $1 million.

2. Michelle Meyrink’s Religion

It is a known fact that Michelle called it quits with acting in the year 1989 having acted in her last work in 1988. However, what most people don’t know about this turn of event is her main reason for bowing out of the spotlight despite the perks that come with it.

Meyrink at the time felt she wanted to get more out of life than her acting career was offering, during this period, she got interested in Zen Buddism and has been practicing the religion since then.

3. Husband and Kids

It turned out that Michelle Meyrink didn’t only find spiritual fulfillment in Zen Buddhism, she also found her life partner. Following her return from the Dominican Republic to her home town of Vancouver, she one day went to the Zen Centre of Vancouver and as fate would have it, she met John Dumbrille who she began a relationship with and in the course of time, got married to. The couple had their first child in 1991 while the 2nd and 3rd came in 1994 and 1998 respectively.

4. Body Measurements

The Canadian actress stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m) and weighs 61 kg (134 lb). Her other body measurements like her bust, waist, and hips have not been disclosed.


5. She Owns An Acting School

Currently, Michelle Meyrink owns her own acting school named Actorium in Vancouver. She modeled her school partly like the Loft Studio which was where she honed her acting skills at the onset with other celebrated actors and actresses.

6. Her Family Inspired An Episode In Quiet Mind

In 2004, an episode of the Canadian television series Quiet Mind was modeled after her family with regards to their devotion to Zen Buddhism.

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