Who Is Nicole Koglin? Biography, Husband, Family, Measurements

Who Is Nicole Koglin? Biography, Husband, Family, Measurements

When you see Chip Brewster, Rob Haswell, Cassandra McShepard, and Angelica Duria on FOX6’s lifestyle show Real Milwaukee, the other person that can never go missing is reporter and anchor Nicole Koglin. She began gaining prominence in the network in September 2004 when she started working on the network’s early morning show WakeUp. What turned out to be a surprise to many was when they learned that despite Nicole working on a morning show, she was not really a morning person. How weird! Find out other things you probably never knew about the seasoned television anchor and reporter below.

Biography – Who is Nicole Koglin?

The television personality came to be through the union of her parents who had their abode in the village of Menomonee Falls which is more accurately a town. Nicole Koglin was born there many years ago and lived much of her young life there. There have not been any verified record of the names of her parents and whether or not she had siblings, however, from what we gathered and drew an inference from, her childhood was a pleasant one and at worst normal.

After high school, the FOX6 hometown girl earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While in college, Nicole Koglin worked as a waitress and a bartender. Customers she attended to will sometimes start up a conversation with her, asking what she was studying, what her backup plan was and if she would venture into sales. Nicole never really had any backup plan but in four years, she was done with Madison, ready to face the life ahead of her.

Having spent a lot of time in and around her hometown, Koglin desired to move a lot farther from Wisconsin to experience life elsewhere. In realization of this desire, she traveled to Idaho Falls, Idaho which was four hours east of Boise, she secured a job as a television news reporter in the small town where she drove around with her News car and camera covering news. Nicole did this for two years before moving to Springfield, Missouri where she worked in a similar capacity.

As time passed, Nicole Koglin began to feel like Wisconsin looked awesome and had to set course for home. On arrival, she signed up for a morning show – WakeUp {in September 2004} where she covered the morning traffic on FOX6. She learned by trial and error and was soon good enough to be promoted. Nicole’s promotion came as a weekend anchor for WakeUP. On the show, she covered local news highlights, lifestyles and even teased her co-hosts: Jessob Reisbeck, Rob Haswell, Kim Murphy, and Angelica Duria on the show. Next came her elevation to handle the station’s lifestyle show called Real Milwaukee with co-hosts Chip Brewster, Rob Haswell, Cassandra McShepard, and Angelica Duria.

Certainly, Nicole Koglin’s career has been on the rise steadily and quietly; she rose from being a greenhorn traffic reporter to co-hosting FOX6’s lifestyle and news highlights show along with other famous co-hosts. Where she is now might be the dream for many, but to her, it is just a stage as she is set to attain more career milestones.

Who Is Nicole Koglin? Biography, Husband, Family, Measurements
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Family – Husband, Kid

Outside of the hustle and bustle of her television work, Nicole Koglin is having a peaceful marital life with Jason Kutter; her long-term boyfriend who also works at FOX6. Before taking their forever vows, the two dated each other for 6 years and got married in October 2010. Since their nuptials, they have given birth to two daughters: Emma and Paige. Paige was born on October 27, 2015.

Nicole Koglin is an animal lover. While working in Missouri, she rescued a male feline (cat) she named Mo who she brought along to Wisconsin when she relocated. Mo actually came into her life before she met her then-boyfriend and now husband. She disclosed that she is a “closet crazy cat lady” in an interview when she was asked about a cat stroller she purchased. Nicole revealed that they recently got an Australian Shepherd dog, and whenever they go for a walk with the dog, Mo will always get jealous, so to take him along, she ordered the cat stroller.

Body Measurements

The news reporter and anchor is a pretty face to look at, her good looks might have in one or many ways aided her media career as it is almost given that television presenters should be good looking in addition to being good at the job. However, her body measurements have not been publicly disclosed, when they do, we will inform you about it.