Who Is Nikki Bella, What Is Her Relationship With John Cena?

If you have a thing for WrestleMania, then you definitely know the famous WWE twins which Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace known by the stage name Nikki Bella is a part of. Nikki along with her twin sister Brie “Brianna” Bella stormed WWE in June 2007.

They were allotted to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) via which they wrestled under the name “The Bella Twins”. With her unique style and skills, Nikki gained a lot of popularity among fans and eventually became the star of WWE SmackDown and WWE Raw.

Who Is Nikki Bella?

Nikki Bella was born on the 21st day of November 1983 in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States of America. She was born along with her twin sister Brie “Brianna” Bella to a Mexican father, Jon Garcia who worked as a soccer coach for a local team and an American mother, Kathy Colace. The twins have a brother known as JJ Garcia. Nikki whose Zodiac sign is Scorpio is, of course, an American of white ethnicity and of mixed heritage.

Nikki and her twin sister passed through Chaparral High School where they studied in the same class until their third grade when their mother separated them, her reason being that she wanted them to have some form of independence, a lot of space and be able to make new friends. The twins would later proceed to San Diego California to further their studies but they soon abandoned academic pursuit to search for waiter jobs in Los Angeles.

The twins did some form of modeling in addition to their waitressing jobs as they hoped for a day when they would be lucky enough to attain significant success in modeling. Although they later got a role in the Fox Television Drama titled Meet My Folks, their breakthrough came when they decided to take part in a WWE Diva search. As it happened, they were chosen for a photoshoot and, even though WWE rejected them, their photoshoot had already gained some level of popularity.

They finally joined WWE in 2007 as a team and it has been very entertaining to watch them fight in the ring. Nikki’s WWE career has spanned from 2007 till date but her major win came in 2012 when she defeated A.J. Lee to win the WWE Diva’s Championship in the survival series finals.

Her Relationship with John Cena

Nikki and John Cena’s relationship which started in 2011 is not a secret affair. Nikki became officially engaged to the WWE star on the 2nd day of April 2017. John Cena proposed to his long-standing girlfriend at WrestleMania 33 after their mixed tag-team match. John on his own part designed a special engagement ring for Nikki and the celebrity couple was happy together on the several photos they posted on their Instagram accounts.

According to the lovebirds at that time, the wedding will not take long to come as the decision to get married has been taken. Even though they did not name any specific day on the spot, the couple promised the public that the wedding day will be announced soon. Nikki on her own part disclosed that her date with her fiancé was the best date in her entire life and, that she is delighted she and Cena would become life partners. Even, the couple moved in together to a magnificent mansion located in Tampa, Florida but soon after that, precisely on the 15th of April 2018, the celebrity couple got separated.

It circulated that it was Nikki who called off the engagement three weeks to the wedding. The reason for the break-up as speculated was because of their conflicting views on marriage and having children. Even though the celebrity couple has ended their relationship, both Nikki and John have come to acknowledge the fact that they would really like to get back together one day.

According to what Nikki told Entertainment Tonight at NBC Universal’s Upfront Presentation in New York City, John is the love of her life and really an amazing man. She confessed that she’s hopeful they would sort out their differences and get back together.

John on his part has admitted that his life has become a complete wreck since the break-up of his engagement to Nikki. According to John, he will do everything possible to get Nikki back, he will even consent to have children if need be. Although he did not elaborate on the specifics, he blamed the break-up of their engagement on an unfortunate set of circumstances.

John said he has decided to make a lot of changes in his stance on fundamental things so as to give their relationship a chance. In all, he asserted that he is still in love with Nikki and desperately wants to be her husband. The WWE star who has been vocal about not wanting to have kids is now willing to be the father of Nikki’s kids. Since the two apparently still have a thing for each other, we can only hope they will get back together in the future.

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