Who Is Nita Talbot? Biography, Spouse, Children, Siblings, Family

Who Is Nita Talbot? Biography, Spouse, Children, Siblings, Family

Nita Talbot is an icon to reckon with in the world of soap of operas. Her reign spanned from the 50s through to the 90s and some of her major works can be seen in the Mannix, The Fugitive as well as Hogan’s Heroes which earned her an Emmy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a comedy series.

Surprisingly, the actress was not the only entertainer in her family as she is known to have a sister who was an actress. She was also married on two occasions to actors.

Let’s fill you in on all the interesting info on Nita Talbot’s bio, spouse, children, and sibling as you read on!

Who Is Nita Talbot? Biography

Nita Talbot, whose birth name is Anita Sokol, was born on the 8th of August, 1930 in New York City, the United States. She is an American by nationality as indicated by her place of birth. However, with regards to her childhood life, nothing has been made available and this has left a lot of speculations about her family history, parents’ identity, and occupation.

The actress kick-started her acting career with a role in the movie It’s a Great Feeling which was shot back in 1949. Nita Talbot was also opportune to appear in A Very Special Favour in which she played a remarkable role of a neglected young technical operator. Subsequently, the actress had roles in films like Buck and the Preacher, and the award-winning film Girl Happy – which was a mix of comedy, music, and romance. She also appeared in The Day of the Locust, which had the same storyline as the 1939 novel with the same title.

The talented actress has also made several appearances in TV series. Notably, Nita Talbot was featured as Mabel Spooner in soap Operas Joe and Mabel in 1956; the show was about Mabel longing to marry Joe and Joe being skeptical about committing to marriage. Two years later, in 1958, she also featured as Iris Anderson in The Case of the Pint-Sized Client. She was cast as Blondie Collins – the con artist in season II of The Thin Man from 1958 to 1959. She played another Con Artist Role in Season I of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer.

Nita Talbot was relevant in the film industry throughout the 60s and up to the 90s, and she was seen in popular sitcoms like Here We Go Again, Starting from Scratch, Hogan’s Heroes – for which she received a nomination from Prime Time Emmy Awards. The actress finally drew the curtains on her career in 1997 with her role which was a voice role in the Marvel Comics Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Family: Spouse, Children

Nita Talbot has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Don Gordon in September 1954. Don Gordon whose birth name is Donald Walter Guadagno was an American actor who was born on November 13, 1926. He is known for his appearance in projects like The Blue Angels, The Defenders which got him nominated for an Emmy Award nomination, Lucan, and many others.

Their marriage is said to have lasted for only four years as they completed their divorce proceedings on April 11, 1958. Sadly, the actor passed away on April 24, 2017.

Who Is Nita Talbot? Biography, Spouse, Children, Siblings, Family

Three years after Nita Talbot’s divorce from Don Gordon, she got married to Thomas Andrew Geas on August 13, 1961. Like her previous husband, Thomas was also an actor who was born on November 25, 1934, in Fitchburg of Massachusetts in the United States. He is popularly known for his appearance in films like Lethal Weapon 3, Simon & Simon, The Wild Wild West among others.

We also know that prior to Thomas’ marriage to Nita Talbot, he was married to Lucia I. Blanco and their union resulted in 2 children. Nita Talbot and Thomas Geas welcomed a daughter together on May 28, 1962, just a year after their wedding. However, their marriage also ended in divorce and Thomas passed in April 2010

Siblings: Sister

Not much is known about the actress’ family background with regards to her parents as their identity nor their profession has not been made public knowledge. However, it is known that Nita Talbot has an older sister who is also in the entertainment industry. Her sister is popularly known as Gloria Stone though born with the name Gloria Sokol.

We also gathered that Gloria was born a year before Nita Talbot on January 5, 1929. Several sources revealed that Gloria was married to the actor – Carl Betz, known for his appearance in the 1958 sitcom, The Donna Reed Show as Dr. Alex Stone. However, Gloria lost Carl to Lung Cancer as he died at a Medical Centre in Los Angeles at the age of 56. Gloria also passed away a couple of years ago on May 13, 2014, leaving behind two children – Richard Betz and Rio Betz.

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