Who Is Norma Gibson, Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-wife? Her Children, Family

The lives of celebrities and their relationships are usually placed front and center in the public eye. Apart from the fact that it’s deeply satisfying to watch as they make mistakes, squabble, and face the problems in their personal lives, it also makes for incredibly entertaining news. As far as celebrity news go, Norma Gibson had certainly had her fair share.

Her interesting way of life and her relationship with Tyrese has been a staple in the news and gossip circuit for several years running and the heat doesn’t seem to be going down any time soon.

Who Is Norma Gibson, Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-wife?

Norma Mitchell Gibson is the ex-wife of American actor, singer, rapper, and former fashion model, . Norma has had her fair share of the spotlight due to her ongoing disagreement with her former partner and her interesting life choices.

In truth, very little is known about Norma Gibson prior to her involvement with Tyrese, and her only claim to popularity is her relationship with the Fast and Furious actor, complicated and bitter as it may be.

Norma and Tyrese met in 2002, while she was a college student living in London with her mother. The two hit it up and sparks began to fly whenever they were in each other’s presence. Tyrese showered his pretty girlfriend with lavish and expensive gifts, whisking her on romantic getaways, and granting her unlimited use of his credit cards. A year into their relationship, Tyrese asked Norma to move back to Los Angeles with him and she agreed, abandoning college and her family to follow her newly minted love.

In 2007, after they realized they had a baby on the way, Tyrese asked Norma to be his wife on the condition that she would sign a prenup before they could get married. She agreed, and they tied the knot three days after the prenuptial agreement was signed, and the two lovebirds went about their normal lives. The couple kept their relationship under wraps, refusing to divulge any information or discuss it in public.

However, marital bliss did not last very long for this couple. Barely 10 months after their wedding, Tyrese filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences as the grounds on which he desired separation from his wife. The divorce was bitter and filled with angry accusations.

Things continued to deteriorate further from that point on. The estranged couple refused to see eye to eye on anything and the battle for support and custody only served to fan the flames of disagreement. Norma went on to file a restraining order against her ex. She accused Tyrese of emotionally and physically abusing her during the time of their marriage, even going as far as hitting her while she was pregnant with their child. She claimed that he had also assaulted their daughter by pinning her to the ground, pulling her hands behind her back, and hitting her 12 – 16 times. She alleged that he beat the little girl so bad that the pain made her unable to sit.

Tyrese denied these accusations, saying that they were untrue, a wicked attempt to ruin his reputation and a desperate ploy to keep his daughter away from him.

According to Norma Gibson, she was never in a position that allowed her to turn down her ex-husband’s proposal because she wasn’t an American citizen, and saying no would have meant moving back to London where she lived. On the other hand, her former lover also confessed that he didn’t marry Norma because he wanted to spend forever with her or anything fancy like that, but because he wanted to do right by his daughter and having to travel to London to spend time with his child would have been the wrong thing to do.

Interestingly, Norma has remained unemployed from the time of her marriage and subsequent separation from the actor till now. She insists that her job is to live life, and Tyrese’s is to bear the childcare costs of her chosen lifestyle. She took their dispute to court and this led to a protracted legal battle that did nothing to suppress the bad blood between her and the father of her kid.


Her Children and Family

Norma Gibson has been married twice, with both marriages ending in divorce. Not much is known about her family, but she has a daughter, Shayla Iyana Gibson, born to her and her ex-husband Tyrese on July 11th, 2007. Naomi shares custody of her daughter with Tyrese 50-50, an arrangement she doesn’t quite enjoy.

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