Who is Renate Blauel – Sir Elton John’s Ex-Wife, Where is She Today

We bet everyone is itching to known about Renate Blauel, the ex-wife of legendary singer . Yes; not many know that the openly gay musician was once married to a woman. It was in the 80s, a very long time ago, but the circumstances surrounding their marriage and divorce remain a subject of discussion till date.

A little about the ex herself, she is German, a music producer and a sound engineer as well; we can begin to see how the two got linked up in the first place. These and more we would emphasize in this post as you read through. Starting with the frequently asked question.

Who is Renate Blauel – Sir Elton John’s Ex-Wife

Renate Blauel, who once loved the English singer, composer, and pianist Elton John was the only woman who tied the knot with the musician. Born on March 1, 1953, in Berlin, Germany, she was always inclined to music and its components. Blauel focused on her passion despite doing other jobs such as working as an air stewardess.

She worked her way through lifie’s hurdles to become a renowned sound engineer and music producer. Blauel has worked with many notable names in the industry including The Blues Band, Mike Oldfield, Piet Veerman, The New Cats, and many others.

Just like she worked with other music bands, Blauel also worked with Elton John, which was how their love story began. She was among the singer’s entourage and aided the production and performance of different albums including Too Low for Zero, Breaking Hearts and many others.

Marriage to Elton John and Divorce

Starting out as colleagues, the two discovered a spark between them and soon took things to another level. It all happened so fast, Eton John soon proposed to Renate and the two got married four days later. The wedding took place on Valentine’s day in Sydney, Australia in 1984. It was a lavish wedding ceremony with friends and family all present, Blauel wore a sensational wedding dress decorated with 63 diamonds, and dazzled like a princess.

After the wedding the loved up couple moved into a gigantic mansion in Windsor, but It didn’t take long before their marriage got into troubled waters. The root cause; Elton was not truthful about his sexuality.

Reports had it that the singer was openly bisexual at the time he married Renate. His marriage to Blauel was seen by many as a cover up for his homosexuality, as he had not summoned the courage to make the affirmation at the time. Elton John confessed that his denial of his sexuality caused his wife so much sadness all through their marriage.

Nevertheless, she stood by him through thick and thin and was so loving to him. Confused and devastated about his situation Elton John took up alcohol and drugs. But the storm was brought to calm in 1988 when the two divorced amicably after four years, with Renate getting millions of pounds as divorce settlement. That same year, Elton John came out as gay.


Where is She Today

Renate Blauel did not remarry and has lived on her own since then. Although she still does music, reports have it that the ex-wife of Elton John now takes care of her aged parents in Germany. Before she moved to the country in the 2000s, she lived in Surrey in the United Kingdom.

At Surrey, she led a secluded and solitary life away from the prying eyes of the media and the public. She stayed alone at Shackleford and according to neighbors, only came out in the street to walk her dog or do some shopping. Many have wondered if Blauel and John are still in touch, but she spares no information of any sort for the media. Elton moved on with David Furnish, a former advertising executive, and filmmaker. The two dated for so many years before tying the knot in 2014. Together they have two sons; Zachary and Elijah.

In September 2017, Elton John opened up about his marriage to ex-wife Renate following Australia’s legalization battle on same-sex marriage. Urging Australians to embrace same-sex marriage, he recalled how his denial affected their marriage and eulogized his former wife for her love and understanding. However, no one really knows how Renate has taken all this over the years.

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