Who Is Rob Ferretti’s Wife, Other Factors You Need To Know

Who Is Rob Ferretti’s Wife, Other Factors You Need To Know

As an avid lover of elegant and fancy fast cars, you might have picked the notion that you probably have the highest enthusiasm for cars. Allow me the privilege to blow your mind and introduce you to a multi-million dollar collector of exotic cars. Rob Ferretti’s Owens or better still a co-founder of the million-dollar company, Gotham Dream cars. A company located in three prime cities in the United States that deal in the renting of exotic cars.

Despite his present inspiring success in the car biz, Rob worked as a DVD editor- an occupation he still engages in when not working at Gotham Dream cars. A major job for Rob at Gotham Dream Cars is to organize car driving programs; this he has done for 12 years.

Rob Ferretti’s Biography

Rob Ferretti was born on September 18, 1980, in New Jersey, USA. His parents raised him and his younger brother at Dumont, which is just a few miles outside of New York City.

Funny and ironic, the idea to start up a rental company of this nature wasn’t originally his but was bought from a close friend, Noah Lehmann-Haupt in 2003. They later cooperated to become co-founders of Gotham Dream Cars.

Rob is a graduate of Saddle River Day School situated in Northern New Jersey.  Although he never gave high regard for schooling and education, he still wouldn’t overlook the educational requirements when sourcing for new employees. He also enrolled into two colleges but willingly dropped out without acquiring his degrees. He did this because he had always been keen on becoming an entrepreneur.

Rob’s interest in cars was already at its peak as at the time his friend brought the car rental idea to him, so when Noah had brought the idea of starting a rental company, there wasn’t any hesitation on his part. Gotham Dream Cars is Rob’s and Noah’s Company, set up in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. The company boasts of very exotic fancy fast cars and high-class vehicles that they source from luxury car manufacturing companies all over the world.

As part of his achievements, Rob runs a Super Speeders DVD series which he single-handedly started in 2003. The idea to record his stunts on the road and then sell them on Ferretti productions, a website he created solely for that purpose, propelled the business to the success story it is today. Today, he is not only a good-time businessman but also one of the most excellent internet personalities as his YouTube has over 550,000 subscribers and has amassed over 150 million views.

Who is Rob Ferretti’s Wife?

Rob Ferretti has been happily married to Kim for 9 years. They got married in January 2009. Rob so much loves his family and claims to get most of his inspiration and motivation from them.

Who Is Rob Ferretti’s Wife, Other Factors You Need To Know
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Although, there isn’t so much information about Rob’s wife because she lives a low profile live. Rob never loses the opportunity to put photos of himself and his wife on social media. Looking at the photos one will notice that she is slender, blond, and blessed with a beautiful facial appearance. They both have a son and live comfortably in their big serene mansion.

Rob Ferretti has a brother, Joseph Ferretti, who eventually started sharing his interest in cars. Unfortunately for Joseph Ferretti and Joseph Meyer, they got involved in a car accident that killed a motorcyclist, Stephan L. Lemme. A 52-year-old man was on his way to work on that fateful day.

Other Facts about Rob Ferretti

Robert Ferretti has a recorded height of 177 cm with a healthy weight of 68kg. He is also recorded to be worth $10 million dollars.

Rob Ferretti is a regular culprit when it comes to breaking the law on speed limits. This has resulted in his incrimination and getting billed on several occasions for overspeeding. This he feels is merely a price he has to pay for his passion.

Despite the fact that Rob runs a company filled to the brim with exotic cars, he still drives the conventional Corvette, the Supra, an Old model Range Rover, Buick, and a convertible that belongs to his wife.

When Rob was eighteen years old, cars like the ‘white 1997 Toyota Supra’ and ‘Silver 1998 Porche Camera convertible’ always marveled at him as kids at his school drove them.

Amidst the controversies associated with documenting and bringing videos of speeding vehicles and high-risk moments to viewers, Rob is not afraid to express his view that he is not to be blamed for the fears people have in the world.

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