Who Is Ron Claiborne, The Journalist, Is He Married To A Wife?

For more than three decades, Ron Claiborne charmed audiences through his exploits as a journalist and news anchor, what is even more interesting is that he spent the whole time working for ABC News as a correspondent. Howbeit, he also worked with several other media outlets including WNYW-TV, New York Daily News.

Ron Claiborne had an accomplished professional life at ABC where he contributed to top programs like Good Morning America, World News Nightline and also covered major stories that resonate around the world. More details of this media great from the beginning of his illustrious career to his retirement.

Who Is Ron Claiborne The Journalist?

His given name at birth is Ronald Eldridge Claiborne and he was born on August 20, 1953, in San Francisco, California. He was raised mostly in Oakland and Los Angeles with his siblings whose identities are not known. His father Earl Claiborne, worked at a Navy shipyard, while his mother worked in daycare but her name has not been revealed. Ron has a lot of respect for his father who he considers a hero. His parents provided him with a stable homefront as well as quality education. The institutions he attended before college are not given but he is a graduate of the prestigious Yale University where he got a B.A. in Psychology in 1974. Taking his education a notch higher, he bagged a Master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 1975.

He launched his journalism career at United Press International, an international media outlet based in Washington D.C. He stayed with the tabloid for a few years before moving on to other media houses. He debuted as a reporter and editor for the news agency towards the end of the 1970s and in 1980, he joined independent WNYW-TV in New York City as its general assignment correspondent. He stayed on the job until 1982 and covered city politics, metropolitan news and other areas concerning the state government.

While it didn’t bring him widespread recognition, his time at the aforementioned media houses prepared him for the big shots. Thus, when he joined ABC News in 1986, it was with full preparedness. At ABC News in Boston, Ron Claiborne took the role of general assignment correspondent, contributing to top shows like World News Nightline and the widely known Good Morning America.

In his active years in service, Ron Claiborne covered different events and sensitive stories for the media giant. He covered the legalization of gay marriages in Massachusetts, the Elian Gonzales custody battle, the 2002 Boston Catholic Church scandal, the Persian Gulf War, as well as United States Presidential campaigns in 1992 and 2008 respectively. He decided it was time to retire from his longstanding career in 2018, leaving ABC News and Good Morning America in September that year.

Ron Claiborne is by far, one of the most accomplished journalists in America, a feat which earned him recognition at award bodies. He bagged an Emmy Award in 2000 for the coverage he pulled off on the seizure of Elian Gonzales in Miami. The next year, the veteran won another Emmy for his works on ABC World News Tonight and an Emmy followed in 2010 for his exploits on ABC News Special Events. He also has several award nominations under his belt, including News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a Newscast.

Net Worth

After decades on the job, it is expected for such dedication and skills to be rewarded financially. In that regard, Ron sits on an estimated $5 million as his net worth, notwithstanding his inactivity which has not affected his financial status much.

Is Ron Claiborne Married To A Wife?

Ron Claiborne is an accomplished man when his career is on the table but on the personal front, nobody knows what he has achieved so far. He is presumed to be single as no woman has ever been linked to him and he has not been married once before. Again, there is also the speculation that he might be gay, a claim he is yet to confirm.

For now, the retired American journalist is allegedly single until he proves otherwise by letting us in on his private life.

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