Who is Rory John Gates? His Net Worth And Other Facts You Need To Know

When Gates as a family name in America is mentioned, one man comes to mind; the famous Bill Gates of Microsoft. As popular as he is, not many details are known about his family members. But here, you will learn about a young Gates, known as Rory John Gates.

Who is Rory John Gates?

Rory John Gates is the only son and second child born to America’s billionaire couple, Bill and Melinda Gates. He has two other siblings who are both girls. The elder being Jennifer Katharine (3 years older) and Phoebe Adele Gates (3 years younger).

Bio of Rory John Gates

Rory was born on May 23, 1999, in Seattle, Washington, in the United States as the middle child and only son of his parents. He attended Lakeside School, Seattle’s most elite, fancy private school as you would expect. He attended Duke University where he studied and graduated with a university degree in computer science and economics. He studied for his MBA at Fuqua School of Business.

Contrary to what many people might be thinking, Rory John Gates is not a spoilt child despite his father’s gigantic wealth. In fact, his parents raised him and his siblings with strict disciplinary measures and made it clear to them that they must all have to work hard to be as rich as he has been in life. Based on this, Rory is known to be working hard academically for now, and maybe in a few year’s time, we might see some inventions coming from him as some saw and we did read about his father in his own time. He is not known to have joined Microsoft yet or whether he won’t. But whatever it is he wants to do with his life, you can expect us to keep a close watch on him as much as we can and report as appropriate when necessary.

Family Background

Rory John Gates comes from a family that has a track record of men and women who lived to impact positively in the life of others, contribute meaningfully to the advancement of the society, and were ranked among the best, par excellence of their time in their chosen fields of endeavors.

His roots can be traced back to William H. Gates Sr. his grandfather who was a renowned lawyer while his grandmother Mary Maxwell Gates was formerly a member of the board of directors for First Interstate BancSystem and the United Way. Going back a bit, his father’s maternal grandfather was JW Maxwell who worked then as national bank president and he was the grandson of Raymond Joseph French Jr., a former aerospace engineer, and Elaine Agnes Amerland, a homemaker.

His direct parents as you already know are Bill and Melinda Gates. His father, until 2014, was the chairman and chief architect of Microsoft and the largest shareholder in the technology company Microsoft. Currently, he holds the position of Founder and Technology Adviser in a company where he still commands a lot of influence. His wife, Rory’s mother is an astute businesswoman and philanthropist. She co-founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and was also previously an employee in Microsoft where she worked as the project manager of Microsoft Bob, Encarta, and Expedia.

His Net worth

The billionaire’s son has a net worth estimated to be $20 million. It is reported that he gives 1/3 of his pocket money to charity. Well, he is not known to be running any business of his own, so we can take it to be that most of this money comes from his father.

Other Facts You Need to Know About Him

Certainly, being the son of the former richest man in the world means that his life might be a lot more different than what it’s like for most folks out there.

Also, considering that his parents are such that don’t believe in spoiling a child for the singular purpose of having the money to do so, it makes it all the more interesting to ask about some facts about Rory John Gates:

Rory Gates has English, Irish and German heritage.

At age 10, he wrote a poem that caught the attention of people about him.

Rory and his elder sister never used mobile phones until they turned 13 respectively.

He has a height of 5 feet 5 inches with a body mass of 53kg.

He is not known to be officially operating any social media account that is verified and goes by his signature name ‘Rory Gates’.

He is not thought of to have a girlfriend.

Rory is not expected to get the billions of his father’s money as it is said to have been willing to charity.

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