Who is Sam Pepper? Relationship with Bella Thorne, Age, Wiki

Who is Sam Pepper? Relationship with Bella Thorne, Age, Wiki

One of the most controversial YouTubers we have in the industry at the moment, Sam Pepper may admit his mistakes in his chosen career but he never let all the negative vibes take a toll on his craft.

With over 2 million subscribers flooding his channel with views, the British YouTube personality, video blogger, prankster, and comedian has had his fair share of hogging the headlines for the wrong reasons following the inappropriate sexual content and violence his videos are notorious for. Unfazed, Sam Pepper continued to thrive but not without learning from his past mistakes and owning up to them publicly. He also takes his time to apologize to his fans through his videos, perhaps, this is what makes him stand out from the pack as it takes a lot of nerves to admit to a mistake in public.

Who is Sam Pepper? His Age

Samuel Pepper is one of the best there is in his career as a YouTube personality, comedian, prankster, and video blogger. The internet star was born on 26 March 1989 in Ashford, Kent and he is of English and Greek descent. For his education, he studied at the Pent Valley Technology College.

Aside from the fact that he has a brother and sister, no information is available about his family and childhood days. Nevertheless, one of the events that made the spotlight to locate him was his participation as a housemate on the eleventh season of the British reality television series Big Brother which took place in 2010, the same year he created his YouTube channel. He was soon evicted from the Big Brother house with 14.6% of the public vote. Apparently, the eviction was not so bad for him as he focused on his internet exploits, and today, he boasts over 2 million subscribers and 70 million video views and counting.

He uploads videos that are mostly about funny pranks. Pepper and his friend Marius “Maz” Listhrop who is also a counterpart embarked on a worldwide comedy tour, “WDGAF Tour which lasted from 2013 to 2014 when Pepper got roped in a controversy involving sexual harassment allegations following the upload of his video titled “Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank”. The video shows women being pinched on the buttocks by Pepper without their consent and this didn’t go down well with some people. Like that wasn’t enough for the controversial blogger, he came with another video in 2015 which he titled “Killing Best Friend Prank”. In the video, pepper with his face covered with a mask is seen “shooting” Colby Brock in front of his friend Sam Golbach. As expected, social media was thrown into a frenzy once again, leading to more backlash.

Using a 20-minute video titled “I’m sorry” in 2016, the YouTuber admitted to his mistakes including making fake videos. Admittedly, most of his pranks were actually staged which he apologized for and promised not to repeat this again. Nevertheless, he didn’t own up to the sexual harassment and rape allegations even though he called himself an idiot for deceiving his viewers. He then promised to keep uploading but this time, better and quality content. Afterward, Sam Pepper pressed the pause button on his prank videos and switched to uploading vlogs to rave reviews from fans.

For what it’s worth, not many can pick up the shattered pieces of their career like Sam Pepper did and made a remarkable comeback.

Who is Sam Pepper? Relationship with Bella Thorne, Age, Wiki
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Sam Pepper’s Relationship with Bella Thorne

Early in 2017, Sam Pepper made the headlines once again but this time, he dragged actress Bella Thorne along with him. The rumor mill went abuzz after the Shake it up actress was seen hanging out with the alleged sexual abuser on social media. This was after a series of snaps showed Bella and Sam Pepper hanging out in somewhat intimate ways. One of the pictures shared by Pepper on his snap story shows Bella admiring herself in front of a mirror that has the inscription “You so pretty” while another photo suggests the actress and Pepper were holding hands.

Bella’s fans took exception to the fact that she was associating with a guy accused of abusing women and thus, they dragged her on the streets of social media for it.

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