Who Is Samantha Burton Married To As Husband? Where Is She Now?

The story of Samantha Burton’s disappearance from the limelight is one many sure want to hear. Like the ocean, Hollywood is a vast space of imagination and wonder, it has birthed some of the greatest ideas man has ever seen, sparked revolutions, become a source of solitude in times of great sadness and is spread widely across the globe for anyone who can navigate it to journey through and find great treasures.

But also like the ocean, Hollywood is a mysterious place. So many dark secrets are buried underneath its beautiful surface and when many set out to sail in the industry, their ships never last on the waters. Many actors and actresses have appeared in a Hollywood film only to never be seen again. Some have been generous to describe it as people simply quitting after checking a film appearance off their bucket list while some have adopted a grimmer explanation, suggesting the actor or actresses caved under the massive pressure and stress of being a Hollywood actor. What we can agree on is that the reasons differ among individuals and some of them deserve a look at after their apparent disappearance. One of such persons is Samantha Burton who starred in The Sandlot 2, only to never be seen again.

Samantha Burton’s Biography

Like lightning, Samantha Burton flashed across screens of Hollywood in America and endeared herself to the hearts of thousands across the country. But unlike lightning, which may not strike at the same spot twice but definitely strikes again, Samantha would be seen no more in theatres all over the country. Her lack of presence in the movie industry means she hasn’t had a lot of information collected about her but here are a few things we were able to discover about the elusive actress.

She was born in the home of country music in Nashville, Tennessee on the 22nd of December in 1991. Perhaps it is the surrendering of her privacy that scared her off Hollywood but so far she has kept any information regarding her childhood, parents or any sibling private.

Another piece of background information we were able to discover about Samantha Burton is that she attended Tullahoma High School in Tennessee. While she was in high school, her prospective fame as a star revealed itself when she was elected Homecoming Queen. Whether Samantha attended college after high school is part of the mystery surrounding the actress. She did, however, gain prominence as the daughter Hayley Goodfairer in The Sandlot 2, a 2005 film which was a sequel to The Sandlot, a coming of age film that was released in 1993. It was directed by David Mickey Evans. Although the film was sent straight to DVD and was critically panned, it sort of became a cult classic making Samantha Burton a cherished actress in the process.

In the film as Hayley Goodfairer, Samantha’s father is a NASA engineer who, along with Samantha and her friends defeated a bully who sought to take over the sandlot. The story is that of good people coming together to defeat evil. Whatever Samantha Burton’s reasons are, she would no longer be seen in front of a camera again on television. She has however been seen modeling for a few brands and also has credits to her name as part of the production crew of a film, particularly as the production executive for Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder which ran from 2011 to 2012.

So far, the actress’ only real presence is on social media on Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter page is @samanthabburton while her Instagram’s is @sambrettt. Among the little bits of information available about the actress is that she is a dog lover and owns one.


Who Is Samantha Burton Married To As Husband?

Samantha Burton’s relationship is a closely guarded affair by the former actress. She was reportedly in a relationship with one of her The Sandlot 2 co-stars, lead actor Max Lloyd-Jones, who unlike Samantha is still a known working actor. The two were believed to have been in a relationship between 2005 and 2006.

Other than her relationship with Max Lloyd-Jones, nothing is known so far about Samantha Burton’s relationship and nothing suggests she is married.

Where is She Now?

As per the whereabouts of Samantha Burton, no one seems to have any idea where she has disappeared to. Her social media pages suggest she’s simply enjoying her life out of the spotlight, living as a regular American citizen but so far, nothing is known on a professional level.

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