Who Is Sarah Dunsworth? 6 Facts About The Canadian Actress  

Who Is Sarah Dunsworth? 6 Facts About The Canadian Actress  

Some celebrities have started as the offspring of their real-life parents in the movies, one of such celebs is Sarah Dunsworth, who played the role of the screen daughter of her dad – actor John Dunsworth on the set of Trailer Park Boys where her father starred as Mr. Lahey.

Subsequently, Sarah gained popularity after the death of her father John Dunsworth, and has gone ahead to star in several popular productions. Apart from her career as an actress, she also works behind the scene as a costume designer and she was part of the crew of Hobo with a Shotgun as a costume designer.

Who Is Sarah Dunsworth?

Sarah Elizabeth Dunsworth popularly known as Sarah Dunsworth was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on the 25th of January 1976. Her horoscope sign is Aquarius and her place of birth indicates that she holds Canadian nationality, but she belongs to the White race. Her dad was a famous actor John Dunsworth – the major character of Trailer Park Boys who passed away at the age of 71.

Sarah comes from a family of four children- three girls and one boy. While her mom and the other kids stayed away from the limelight, Sarah and her sister Molly Dunsworth followed their father’s lead to emerge as actresses. Molly who was born on the 25th of May 1990 is popular for her roles in productions like; Bunker 6 and Septic Man both of which came to light in 2013, she is also popular for the character she portrayed in the
2011 movie Shotgun. Her other sister Zoe Dunsworth also works in the entertainment industry as a casting director.

On her educational background and the institutions she attended, no record was found concerning her academic qualifications which obviously points to the fact that it has never been published by any source.

6 Facts About the Sarah Dunsworth  

1. Business Acumen

Apart from her job as an actress, Sarah Dunsworth also has a good business head and along with her family, she has established a small business that deals in hand-painted
Mason Jars. She is also the owner of an online store known as Lucky Stars Jars.

2. She Is An Activist

Sarah is not just an actress, she has been found to be very vocal on vital issues about the female sex as well as political matters. She uses her Twitter handle to let the public know what she believes in and is not averse to letting people know what is on her mind.

Recently, Saran Dunsworth was on Cosby Show alum Geoffrey Owen’s Job Debate where she made her impute and according to her, many actors on Trailer Park Boys try to supplement their income from side jobs.

3. Net Worth

The online media has published several variations of Sarah’s net worth. A source pegged it at $800k while another stated $900k and a third source pinned it at $500k but a fourth one took it as high as $2.5 Million. Moreso, her salary as an actress is not known but as a costume designer, Sarah Dunsworth earns between $10k to $70k as stated by one of the sources.

4. Relationship Status

Sarah has only been married once and that was to her longtime boyfriend Ben Nickerson on the 13th of May 2017. Prior to their exchange of vows, the actress already announced
their engagement in April of the same year via social media. Their nuptials were intimate one, attended by just family and close friends.

Sarah’s spouse Nickerson is not part of the entertainment industry and as a result, he stays well away from the press. He is a private person and has indicated it on his
Instagram page, stating his reluctance to engage fans of Trailer Park Boys.

Sarah acquired stepchildren Mary and Ella from her husband and though they are not her biological kids, she seems to be devoted to them as they share a very strong bond.
Her other family members include two dogs namely Sam and Frankie whom the couple has been raising together.

 Who Is Sarah Dunsworth? 6 Facts About The Canadian Actress

5. She Personally Told Social Media About Her Dad’s Demise

Sarah Dunsworth lost her dad John Dunsworth on the 16th of October 2017 at the age of 71. The actress was the first to break the news of her dad’s demise as she took to social media to make the obituary announcement stating that he died from an unexpected illness.

6. Sarah Dunsworth Body Stats

Although the details of her body measurements are not known, we have it from the obvious, she has red hair and green eyes. Sarah Dunsworth is also known to have tattoos inscribed on her body.

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