Who Is Satomi Ishihara? 6 Facts About The Japanese Actress

Satomi Ishihara may not look it, but she is an amazing screen star with a unique expressive style of acting that won the attention of filmmakers. The actress was among the teenagers who made their first film debut in the movie industry in the year 2013. With her beauty, she has been able to set a mark for herself in the modelling industry as well, making her one of Japanese’s successful actresses with great potentials. A look at her career timeline shows Satomi is a progressive performer, having attained an enviable height in her little time in the industry.

Who is Satomi Ishihara?

She is a talented actress born on December 24, 1986, in Tokyo, Japan. Although she is best known by her stage name Satomi Ishihara, the star was born Kuniko Ishigami to Asian parents. Further information about the actress, including details about her family background, early childhood, and education are not available at the moment.

6 Facts About the Japanese Actress

1. Career Timeline

Arguably one of the biggest teen stars of early 2000s, Satomi Ishihara rose to international fame in 2003 after starring as a leading character (Tamako Godai) in the film My Grandpa and television series, Mado o Aketara (as Usagi Yamamoto). Following the success of these projects, she immediately earned the admiration and praise of filmmakers and this resulted in more roles. Some of her earliest television projects include Kimi wa Pet, Teru Teru Kazoku, Tengoku e no Oenka Cheers: Cheerleading ni Kaketa Seishun, Be-Bop High School, Water Boys 2, Yoshitsune, H2: Kimi to Ita Hibi, while Takane No Hana, Unnatural, Jimi ni Sugoi! Kōetsu Girl: Kouno Etsuko, and 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita Obōsan, are some of the latest projects she has completed as an actress.

Satomi Ishihara also plies her trade in the film part of the industry. Her acting credits include but not limited to Shin Godzilla (as Kayoko Ann Patterson; 2016), Shinobi no Kuni (as Okuni; 2017), One Year in the North (as Tae Komatsubara; 2005), 
Hōtai Club (as Emiko Kiba(Wara); 2007), Ginmakuban Sushi Ōji: New York e Iku (as Burusu Lily (Gal Shishō); 2008), and many others.

The actress is currently signed to the agency, HoriPro.

2. Broadcasting Stint

Satomi is an all-rounder whose career background covers broadcasting as well. You can get to watch her programme, Satomi Say To Me every Sunday on the Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan-based national public broadcasting organization, Nippon Hoso at 9:30 PM.

3. Awards and Nominations

When we mentioned that Satomi is a superstar even though she doesn’t look it, we were serious about it. Through her young career, the actress has achieved so much, despite starting out in her teens. Between the year 2010 and now, Ishihara has bagged about eight honourable mentions by several organizations. They include –  Vogue Nippon Women of the Year (2010), The most searched person for actress categories at Yahoo! Japan Search Award (2014), 9th Clarino Beautiful Legs Award (2011), U.S TC Candler Top 100 Beautiful Face – Rank 34th (2017), Japan Formal Association Best Formalist (2012), U.S TC Candler Top 100 Beautiful Face – Rank 32nd (2013), U.S TC Candler Top 100 Beautiful Face – Rank 19th (2015), The 27th Japan Best Dressed Eyes Awards (Arts category) (2014), U.S TC Candler Top 100 Beautiful Face – Rank 6th (2016), and U.S TC Candler Top 100 Beautiful Face – Rank 25th (2014).

Talking about the awards she has won so far, in 2003 alone (the year she debuted), the actress was honoured with six awards by several organizations. She won the following awards – Best Newcomer at 28th Hochi Film Award for her role in My Grandpa, Broadcast Newcomer/Best Newcomer for Teru Teru Kazoku at 41st Golden Arrow Award, Best Newcomer for My Grandpa at 46th Blue Ribbon Awards, Rookie of the Year for My Grandpa at 16th Nikkan Sports Film Award, Best Newcomer for My Grandpa at 13th Japan Movie Critics Award, and Newcomer Award for My Grandpa at 27th Japan Academy Prize.

In addition to this, she emerged the winner of Best New Talent for her participation in My Grandpa at the 25th Yokohama Film Festival organized in 2004. 2005 was another big year for the actress as she won the Newcomer of the Year award for Water Boys 2 at the 2005 29th Élan d’Or Award. The screen star also won the Best Supporting Actress award in 2014 at the International Drama Festival in Tokyo (for Shitsuren Chocolatier), Best Actress (for 5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita Obōsan) at the 87th Television Drama Academy Awards organized in 2016, and Best Actress (for Unnatural) at the 2018 International Drama Festival in Tokyo. She was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 29th Japan Academy Prize held in 2006.

4. Family Life

Currently, the actress is not married neither has she done so in the past. There are strong indications she could possibly be single, as she is not in an open relationship. Being a private individual, she keeps information about her personal life under wraps and this makes it difficult to tell if she is dating someone secretly. For the records, the actress has not given birth to children of her own. She seems to be waiting for the right time to do so.

5. Net Worth

Information about Satomi Ishihara’s salary and net worth is currently under review but it is believed she makes impressive earnings from her thriving career.


6. Body Measurements

The actress does not belong to the pack of tall actresses in the Japanese movie industry. Nevertheless, this has never affected her career or stopped her from sharing screen time with giants. As detailed on her profile, she is 5 feet 2 inches and weighs 45 kilograms in body mass.

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