Who Is Stomedy, Where Is He From? Other Facts You Need To Know

There are many people today who have gained fame for being silly online and Stomedy is among that lot. Professionally, this type of people refers to themselves as internet personalities. Stomedy’s chosen platform for his goofiness is YouTube, thus, he is a YouTube personality. His stage name is a combination of his first name Steve and Comedy.

Who is Stomedy, Where Is He From?

Who is Stomedy? YouTube users have wanted to know since the guy began garnering a substantial level of traction on YouTube. Simply put, he is an internet personality popular for his self-titled YouTube channel Stomedy where he posts funny videos about anything and everything you can think of. He is an African-American with roots in South Africa. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida on the 14th of April 1989.

Stomedy isn’t one of those YouTube personalities who take out time to attend to questions from fans or talk about how they began vlogging, thus, not so much is known about his background. The funnyman is very much dedicated to trying to make his subscribers laugh and that is it.

According to his YouTube channel’s about page, Stomedy began his YouTube channel in November 2011, and today, he boasts over 670,000 subscribers and over 4.2 million views. When he first started, he made sketches that centered around late pizza delivery. Subsequently, he began to joke about other aspects of life.

One of the most unique features of his videos is the ASMR Sounds. ASMR translates as “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,” something that Stomedy has described in his about page to mean “a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin…” Well, in simple English it is just a weird sound made with the ultimate goal of keeping the listener engaged and sometimes frightened.

Stomedy runs a separate channel ASMR Sounds strictly dedicated to his love for all things ASMR. He posts on the channel every week and it boasts over 103,000 subscribers. According to the channel’s description, it was inspired by Kuna Tik, an uber-popular YouTube channel with over 4 million subscribers and over 1 billion views.

A number of his most popular videos include mermaid content. One of them is titled “REAL Mermaids caught on camera (NO FAKE) And Mermaids Caught On Tape Reaction.”

Steve’s channel received a lot of attention when he began featuring fellow YouTube personality Calvin Lee Vail best known by his YouTube moniker LeafyIsHere. Leafy had become interested in Stomedy after Pyrocynical, yet another YouTube personality made a video about the funnyman. Leafy had responded to the video by making his own video, thus, opening the doors to future collaborations with Steve.

The duo has since appeared on each other’s respective channels.

Steve has done loads of crazy things in his videos – from attempting to drill his head with a drilling machine to drinking bleach, smoking cardboard, and locking himself in his bathroom for 48 hours. He stays active in the YouTube community by participating in various YouTube challenges.

Other Facts About Stomedy

1. Stomedy is a married man

Steve’s marital status is one of the things that many of his fans initially thought to be a joke. For one, many perceive him to be just a kid due to his looks, but Steve is no spring chicken. He took to his Instagram page on November 1, 2017, to reveal, for the first time, the identity of his wife. He captioned the photo “my sweet wife.” Stomedy’s wife whose name remains concealed is a white woman.

2. He is a father of two

More shocking than the news of his marital status is the fact that Stomedy is not only a husband but a father to two kids. On the same day, he revealed the photo of his wife, the funnyman also posted an adorable photo of his daughter who, like his wife, he did not reveal her name.

3. Stomedy has Instagram and Twitter accounts, however, he seems to spend most of his time on YouTube. He also has a very inactive Twitch account.

4. He has been likened to a Teletubby, thus, the name – The Black Teletubby. His other nicks include; The Human Malteser and The God-like Creature.