Who Is Theodd1sout? Age, Sister, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height

Who Is Theodd1sout? Age, Sister, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height

Robert James Rallison, popularly known online as TheOdd1sOut, is a famous American artist, animator, and Youtuber. He brings a totally different approach to his animation filming and comics. He has collaborated with other YouTubers like TimTom, SomethingElseYT, and Jaiden Animations.

On some of his YouTube videos, he has been seen expressing interest in a variety of matters. These include sports and a very popular notion called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, commonly referred to as ASMR. He made the ASMR video as special content with the aim of triggering feelings and giving pleasure.

Who is TheOdd1sOut? Age

TheOdd1sOut was born on the 14th of May, 1996 as Robert James Rallison. His mother, Janette Rallison, is a renowned author, who is most popular for her light romance novels for young adults. She seems to have different author names for the different categories of novels she writes. She goes by the name C.J. Hill for her young adult science fiction and fantasy, and Sierra St. James for her adult romance novels.

TheOdd1sOut made his foray into internet marketing on June 14, 2012, when he uploaded the first installation of his webcomics, TheOdd1sOut, on Tumblr and iFunny. It became a massive hit that he decided to take it to YouTube two years later.

He started his YouTube channel on August 30, 2014, with the name TheOdd1sOut Comic. Immediately, he began to upload videos where he shared his life story, thoughts, and opinion on certain matters. His consistency and hard work took his blog to 400K subscribers by 2016. Who would have thought that merely sharing videos of your life story could make one popular?

His videos have received a lot of plaudits. One of which was the one where he shared his working days with the chain store, Subway. He titled that Sooubway, in his humorous and caricature style. The video was posted on Foodbeast, with Peter Pham describing it as amazing and hilarious.

As of March 2019, his YouTube channel has well over 10 million subscribers. His videos have also garnered as low as 1.3 million views and as high as 60 million views. TheOdd1sOut also has another YouTube channel called TheOdd2sOut, which has also attracted over 1.6 million subscribers.


The bond that exists between twin siblings is a beautiful one. TheOdd1sOut is no exception to this. Though he has three other siblings, his closeness to Faith, his twin sister is second to none.

Faith has featured in a couple of his videos. In one of the videos they did together, My Twin Sister!, you could see how cool and relaxed he felt doing what he loved to do with her sister. Their bond, chemistry, and togetherness are so lovely. She could as well go down as his date.

She is quite popular herself, becoming an officer in her school’s French Club, in her senior year of high school.

Who Is Theodd1sout? Age, Sister, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height
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Does TheOdd1sOut Have a Girlfriend?

Who would not fall for a handsome dude as TheOdd1sOut? Though he hasn’t spent a long time in the limelight, he has done enough to arouse the interest of young ladies. His growing reputation has contributed to compounding matters for him.

However, his connection with fellow YouTuber, Jaiden Animations, has raised a lot of suspicions. Though they’ve made a lot of videos together, it’s yet to be known if she is his girlfriend. She has even described him as a boyfriend in a video published by Mikayla Snow. But they have not made any public or official statement affirming or disproving the rumors.

What Is His Net Worth?

Due to YouTube’s algorithm change, animations on YouTube seemed not to be selling anymore. YouTube now prefers long and quickly produced videos to short and slowly produced animations. TheOdd1sOut beat that algorithm with his blog-style animations, which made serious bucks for the YouTuber.

TheOdd1sOut makes between $218K and $3.5 million annually from his main channel, TheOdd1sOut Comic. His other YouTube channel, TheOdd2sOut makes between $15K and $244K annually. This brings his average net worth to $1.9 million.


TheOdd1sOut isn’t very tall; the Youtuber would fit nicely in the category of men with average height. He stands at 1.78 meters or 5.8 feet. He doesn’t have a very athletic body, but he doesn’t look bad either. His body physique could be simply described as normal.

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