Who is Uma Kompton? Is She Real? Here are All The Facts You Need To Know 

Uma Kompton is proof that the internet is a weird place. The internet has a way of building careers and even turning the most unlikely of candidates into household names. Many of our favorite celebrities were discovered online including Justin Bieber, Kate Upton, Shawn Mendes, The Weeknd, Colbie Caillat, Darren Criss, and Madison Beer. However, the internet is also responsible for turning less than stellar people into viral sensations and even into full-fledged celebs – that’s where Uma Kompton comes in.

Uma Kompton was essentially one of the internet’s most famous trolls before Twitter shut her down, taking her platform away from her. So, here’s all you need to know about ‘Uma Kompton’.

Who is Uma Kompton? Here are All The Facts You Need To Know

1. Is She Real?

The answer is no. Uma Kompton is not a real person. The identity everyone is familiar with as Uma is actually that of Natalya Ulyanina. Natalya, unbeknownst to her, had her photos stolen from VK (essentially Russia’s version of Facebook). After her photos were stolen from the platform by a troll, the troll used her images to create accounts and posted triggering and offensive content on Twitter. The account was so popular that it amassed almost fifty thousand followers.

2. What Is A Troll?

An online troll is a person who actively upsets people on the internet by starting quarrels and deliberately posting offensive and borderline extreme comments or statuses in order to sow discord or get a rise or an emotional response out of people. In order to be a successful troll, the offending party must also convince the readers that he/she actually believes the offensive things he or she is posting. An example is posting hurtful comments on a tribute post of a late celebrity.

3. What Exactly Did ‘She’ Post?

For the sake of decency, most of her contents cannot be reposted here. But as expected, most of Uma Kompton’s posts revolved around sex, vulgarity, and profanity. She implied she was married to her cousin, she constantly said she looked like Kylie Jenner (which offended more people than it logically should have) and gave polarizing opinions on socially volatile topics such as abortions. She even trolled United Airlines, accusing them of bad service. Clearly, nothing was off-limits to Uma Kompton.

4. She Had Fans

Perhaps, the most surprising part of all of this is that Uma Kompton actually had fans. Several social media pages were created in tribute to her such as ‘Uma Kompton Fans’ or ‘#1 Uma Kampton Fan’. One can say that the fact that she gained almost fifty thousand followers could be a result of curiosity to see what she would post next. However, for people to go out of their way to create pages dedicated to her simply means they liked or were amused by her contents. Either way, it is actions like these that enable trolls to continue scouring the internet and looking for more victims – because they know they will always have an audience.

At the height of her popularity, Uma Kompton also released several songs and an album which included diss tracks to her critics.

5. The Real Victim

Natalya Ulyanina, whose picture was stolen to create the ‘Uma Kompton’ account, is the real victim in all of this. As with most internet trolling stories, as amusing as they are to some people, someone always gets hurt at the end of the day. Initially, Natalya and her husband had no idea of the Uma Kompton account since they are based in Russia and Uma went viral in the United States. However, they became aware of the account when many people began to reach out to them to get their opinions on Uma.

Natalya and her husband both work for a stretch ceiling company in the Moscow area and it was actually Natalya’s husband who had more to say on the issue by asking for the troll to be found. Currently, the Uma Kompton page on Twitter has been shut down and Natalya’s husband, Evgeny, has expressed gratitude saying he was ‘grateful the original account was suspended’.

It is understandable why he would be grateful, no one would like images of them or their loved ones to be used negatively online.

Uma Kompton serves as a reminder that the internet is a weird place and we should all be careful about what information we put of ourselves online because we don’t know who might have access to our info and what they could use it for. In the age of trolls, everyone ought to be careful.