Who Is Wil Willis From Forged In Fire? Bio, Married, Wife

Who Is Wil Willis From Forged In Fire? Bio, Married, Wife

One of the best things about America as a country is, anyone can end up as a celebrity, doing what may appear ordinary. While that fact is now further amplified with the advent of social media where anyone with a smartphone or a laptop can become a sensation overnight, the possibility of becoming a face millions of people see on television every day is an inherent quality of American entertainment industry. There’s Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Barbara Corcoran, who all gained prominence in their primary industry but are now known as television personalities because of their appearance on the hit show, Shark Tank, and also Wil Willis, a US Army soldier but now the face of Forged in Fire. The vast diversity in the interest of over 300 million people in America makes this phenomenon possible. As such, we will take a look at Wil Willis who currently enjoys the fame and popularity only a country like America could provide. Learn more about the Forged in Fire host by reading below.

Bio – Who Is Wil Willis from Forged in Fire?

Wil Willis was born into a military family. Born on the 13th of February 1975, he is who can be said to have been literally born into the army. He was born on a military base in Portugal and raised on various military bases as a result of his father’s deployments.

Shortly after his father’s retirement from the army and his own graduation from high school, Wil returned to all he has always known – the army. He enlisted and joined the Army’s 3rd Ranger Battalion where he served from October 1993 to February 1998.

After serving in the 3rd Ranger Battalion for 5 years and a few months, he was redeployed to serve as an Air Force Pararescueman, beginning from June 1998 to March 2007. Wil Willis retired from the US military in 2008.

A year after Wil Willis retired from the US military, he began to appear on a show called Special Ops Mission. The show, created by Bob Niemack and aired on the American Heroes Channel, stars Wil Willis performing different solo missions against opposing operatives in a reality television simulation of war operations by the military. The show had six episodes, running from August 13 to September 17 of 2009.

Special Ops Mission would not be the end of Wil Willis’s television appearances. He got another chance to appear on television on the same network in the show, Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World. The show featured Wil Willis as the starring lead, testing and talking about the impact, evolution of various iconic weapons and their historical significance. The show initially ran in the UK on the Quest channel for two seasons with a total of 12 episodes. Some of the weapons discussed and explored on the show include the M1911 and the handgun’s evolution, RPGs, AK-47, M1 Abrams. The show ran from 2011 to 2013.

Wil Willis’s most popular and perhaps most successful show started in 2015. Forged in Fire premiered on the History Channel on June 22, 2015. The game show that sees the winner go home with $10,000 is a three-round elimination contest among bladesmiths to forge different weapons. Alongside Wil Willis, the competitors are judged by three judges.

Who Is Wil Willis From Forged In Fire? Bio, Married, Wife

Is He Married, Who’s His Wife?

Besides having a string of successful shows, Wil Willis’s good fortune as a veteran of the US Military includes blossoming love life. Wil Willis got married to his long-term girlfriend, Krystle Amina in 2017. The relationship, which has featured regularly on his personal Instagram page culminated in marriage on 11th October 2017 after the duo got engaged on the 24th of March 2017.

Facts To Know About Wil Willis

He loves Weapons

Perhaps the obvious fact about the former military man. Wil Willis is a collector of weapons and he currently has an SR-25 Semi-Auto Sniper, A M4 Carbine, Beretta M9 Pistol in his arsenal.

He has built a successful post Military career

Many former military men suffer from post-traumatic disorders and other challenges that keep them from living a full life, but Will Willis has been able to build a successful life for himself with his knowledge from the war front. Through his shows, he has been able to build a net worth of $1 million.

His show, Forged in Fire, has a spin-off

It is marked as a successful show when the producing network orders a spin-off. That was the case of Forged in Fire in 2018 when History Channel started airing a spin-off titled Forged in Fire: Knife or Death. The show is hosted by Bill Goldberg.

He is the writer and creator of Forged in Fire

Not just a gun nut, Wil Willis is the creative force behind Forged in Fire. The show has enjoyed steady ratings and continuous production under his tutelage.

Forged in Fire has 95 Episodes thus far

If you are looking to get into Wil Willis’s show, be prepared for at least 95 episodes of 42 minutes each. The show is currently in its fifth season and there are no signs of cancellation.

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