Who is William Mack Knight and What is His Relationship With Emma Watson

When you’re in a relationship with someone you love, it is only natural to show them off; and more so, if your significant other is a celebrity. William Mack Knight finds himself in this position. They may be broken up now but he once dated , who famously known for her role as Hermione Granger on the Harry Potter movie franchise.

Mack Knight’s social media was awash with photo proofs of the fact that he was dating the A-lister. Granted, most of it wasn’t done explicitly but still, it was clear he was proud of his relationship with the star. This isn’t all William is about though. He is fully his own person and has his own thing going. Here’s everything we know about him and his life before and after Watson.

Who is William Mack Knight and How Old is He?

William Knight was born on December 17, 1980. For his education, William was born to his parents, Harrison and Katherine Mack Knight. It is not clear what his father – who is now retired – did for a living. However, when he was growing up, his mother was a teacher at Holy Child Academy. His father meanwhile, currently presides over an ultra-discreet country club, known as the Creek Club. The club was established by a few elites including JP Morgan. It has also received high profile visitors like Franklin Roosevelt, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor

William also has a twin brother, Tyson. They do everything together and even have similar life experiences – William and Tyson both went to the same schools. Growing up, the family didn’t have money problems. They were raised in one of New York’s most prestigious neighbourhoods – Tucson Valley. William and Tyson also attended Tucson Valley Middle-High School.

Many of William’s high school and college friends whom he grew have taught about his fun-loving, good-natured, and goofy personality. And a quick glance through the Instagram feed lends credence to that fact. There are many photos of him and his friends going on crazy adventures, doing some of the funniest things people can do, and generally having a good time.

After high school, William Mack Knight and his twin both attended the prestigious Princeton University, another testament to their family’s affluence. While at Princeton, William and Tyson were both members of the University Cottage Club, one of the oldest dining halls/social clubs at Princeton. The institution’s alumni include names like iconic author , who mentioned the club in his 1920 novel This Side of Paradise.

The twins got into Princeton in 1999 and graduated in 2003. They both obtained a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from the institution. Both men would also move on to get their MBAs. William Mack Knight obtained his own MBA from New York’s Columbia Business School from 2009 to 2011.

While at the business school, he was brought on by Wells Fargo Bank where he worked until the completion of his program.

Knight is also a stickler for anything workout and fitness related. He is a member of the Tough Mudder Alumni network. The network is built around a series of tough and unforgiving obstacle races. Knight also plays tennis as a passion and a means of cardio exercise.

Relationship With Emma Watson

William Mack Knight started dating Emma Watson back in 2015. At least that is the first time they were ever spotted together. William and Emma were pictured coming from a Broadway show, where they had just seen the hip hop musical, The Hamiltons. This was sometime in October 2015. William even introduced the actress to his parents.

The couple subsequently went on frequent romantic trips together and William kept his Instagram followers up to speed every step of the way.

Some of their trips took them to various price locations in Oxfordshire and Big Sur, California. These included the Mount Diablo State Park, the Big Sur Bakery, the $10,000-a-week Post Ranch Inn, and the Radcliffe Camera in the tower of St. Mary’s Church at the Oxford University.

The couple sadly broke up sometime in 2017. And since then none of them have broken their silence on the reason for their split.


What Is William Mack Knight’s Net Worth?

William Mack Knight may be from a well to do family and may have lived in some of the best locations on the planet, still, he is not a celebrity, and does not possess a celebrity-type wallet. This isn’t to say that he is not doing well for himself.

William is a tech enthusiast. He therefore unsurprisingly works at a Silicon Valley tech startup known ad Medallia Professional Services. The B2B startup designs and sells software that helps other companies keep a handle in their customer feedback. He and his, Tyson, both hold top roles as senior managers in the tech outfit. Although, William works out from the company’s global office in Palo Alto, San Francisco.

There is no source available that states how much the tech man makes, however, he has been stated to have an annual take-home pay of $150,000.

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