Who is Xi Mingze – Xi Jinping’s Daughter, What did She come to do in America?

Xi Mingze is the only child of China’s president Xi Jing Ping and Peng Liyuan his wife. For an influential politician, the usual is always the event that the media focuses on one’s political affairs, to know about recent developments, fish out flaws and whatnots. This may be the reason there is less attention to their personal lives. Not many are aware that the Chinese leader has a daughter. This could be due to Mingze’s humble and low profile life which she has led over the years. This and more you will discover as you read through.

Who is Xi Mingze – Xi Jinping’s Daughter?

Xi Mingze was born on June 25, 1992, in Fujian, China, to her parents Xi Jing Ping and Peng Liyuan. She has spent a greater part of her life in China. Her mother is a celebrity folk singer known for her unique, enchanting voice. She attended Hangzhou Foreign Language School and studied the French language. After high school, Mingze proceeded to Harvard University where she studied psychology and English.

All through her school years, Mingze was exceptional for her modest and simple personality. Always concerned about the well being of others, Xi Mingze was always enthused about charity even as a teenager. In 2008, during the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake, the daughter of China’s president had traveled to Hanwang, Sichuan to help the victims as a volunteer.

At the time, her mother was also involved in the aid organized a show to create awareness for the victims. Xi who was in school at the time sought permission from authorities to travel to Sichuan to help out and it was granted. She spent a week in Hanwang giving aid to the victims alongside thousands of other volunteers.

What did She come to do in America?

In 2012, her father Xi Jinping was made the General Secretary of the communist party in China. Having her father on the spotlight, this drew attention towards her as well; especially as it was reported that she schooled secretly at Ivy school, Harvard University in the United States. This report blew Xi Mingze’s cover, and many international sources fed off this publicity.

She was described as the new princess of China and made headlines on some news outlets. Mingze’s story eventually landed on the Chinese social space but was soon yanked off by the government. It did not end there, news of Xi Minge’s school also raised questions and speculations regarding Xi Jinping’s financial status. This was after people wondered aloud how he could afford her fees after his $13,000 per annum asset declaration.

Before the report, it was a secret indeed as Xi Mingze discreetly attended school. She identified with a different name and only a few friends knew her identity. But despite the leaks, she remained her humble person and maintained her low profile life.


Xi Mingze made her first public appearance in 2013, the year her father assumed office as the 7th President of the People’s Republic of China. She went with her mother and father who was beginning his political carer to the Liangjiahe village in Yan’an, Shaanxi province, where they offered Lunar New Year greetings to the locals.

All through her school years, she was shielded from the press which helped her maintain her sanity and modesty. She enjoys a secluded life and loves reading, according to sources. Xi Mingze graduated in 2014 from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts. After her graduation, she moved back to Beijing, China.

Personal Life – Boyfriend, Dating

Xi Mingze does not strike many as someone who has got some stories in her love dairy; but given her low profile nature, we may never know. For someone who secretly attended a University in America, it would be quite challenging to find out other aspects of her life. Mingze has not been seen with anyone of the opposite sex since her cover was blown in the US. This is why it cannot be ascertained if she is in a relationship or not.

Height and Weight

She took after her parents’ well-built body. Xi Mingze stands at a height of 5ft 3in (1.60m) which is quite proportional to her weight 52 kg (114.6lb).

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