Who Was John Candy, His Net Worth, Wife, Children, How Did He Die?

Comedian and actor John Candy will always be remembered for his significant contributions to the entertainment industry. During his time on earth, Candy was indeed an iconic figure in the world of movies and known for his remarkable roles in several notable comedy films. Some of his movies include; Home Alone, Stripes, Splash, Cool Running, and many others.

Candy’s role in the comedy, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles remains one of his most remembered. He also remains an unforgettable entertainment figure for his versatile roles on Canadian comedy show Second City (SCTV). Here is everything you need to know about the life and death of the movie icon.

Who Was John Candy?

John Candy was the son of Sidney James and Evangeline Candy. He was born in 1950 and raised in a Catholic family. He attended Neil Mcneil High School after which he studied journalism at the Centennial Community College.

Candy started his career with a small role in the film Class of ’44 in 1973. He went on to appear in The Silent Partner. Afterwards, he appeared on an episode of Canadian TV show Police Surgeon as an accused killer. He joined the 90 Minutes Live late night TV talk show in 1976 and played a supporting role until the show met its end.

John Candy joined the Second City comedy show in the late 70s and gained wide recognition for his versatility. The show which started in Canada made its way to NBC in 1981 and became a household name across the Americas. AT SCTV, he exhibited profound versatility with his mimicry of celebrities like Orson Welles, Richard Burton, Jerry Mathers, Luciano Pavarotti, Divin. Jimmy the Greek, and a host of others.

While he kept his fans engaged with his SCTV adventure, he also continued with his movie exploits. Candy played a supporting role in The Blues Brothers in 1971. He starred in Stripes in 1981 and in the following year, appeared on Saturday Night Live as a host. He also starred in a host of other movies including; It Came from Hollywood, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Splash, Summer Rental, Armed and Dangerous, and others.

In the early 90s, he starred in Masters of Menace and Home Alone and also made an appearance on an episode of The Dave Thomas Comedy Show. John Candy, alongside Bruce McNall and Wayne Gretzky, bought the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League in 1991 and signed some notable players to the team.

His Net Worth

John Candy’s net worth was on an estimate of $15 million at the time of his death. The talented actor garnered so much wealth from his very many TV and film stints. There have been no reports on his finances after death but from all indication, the late actor surely left a lot behind.

Wife, Children

Candy left behind his wife Rosemary Hobor and two children; Christopher, his son, and Jennifer, his daughter. John got married to Hobor in 1979 and stayed married to her until his death in 1994. His daughter Jennifer toed the line of her father; she is an actress and also a television producer. Some of her production works include Sam Has 7 Friends and Prom Queen.

How Did He Die? Cause Of Death

John Candy met his demise on March 4, 1994, while on vacation in Durango, Mexico. Before his death, he had declared his intentions to sell his team and was planning on putting it up for sale. On that fateful day, John Candy had gone to sleep in his hotel room after making calls to his co-stars but was found dead a while after midnight. He was 43.

Reports had it that he suffered a heart attack in his sleep. Late Candy had a series of health problems associated with his weight during his vibrant days. He finally gave up the long fight with heart problems on the day of his death.

A funeral was held for Candy at St Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Los Angeles, California after which he was buried in a tomb above late actor Fred MacMurray at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City. In his honour, Neil McNeil Catholic High School dedicated the John Candy Visual Arts Studio.

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