Who Was Robin Williams, His Net Worth, Children, When And How Did He Die?

Who Was Robin Williams, His Net Worth, Children, When And How Did He Die?

American-born comedian and actor Robin Williams was popular for his improvisational style as a stand-up comic act. His career in comedy took off in the 1970s and eventually, he became one of the funniest comedians in the history of the American entertainment industry.

Prior to fame, Robin Williams did some work with television programs like; Laugh-In, Eight Is Enough, as well as The Richard Pryor Show. His Mork character was first seen on the series titled Happy Days prior to his getting his own show Mork and Mindy in which he featured alongside Pam Dawber. He was also on the cast of Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses? – a 1977 romp, but he made his debut on the big screen on the set of the 1980’s Popeye where he played the role of a famous spinach-eating sailor.

Robin’s ability to embark on serious work, as well as his stellar comic talents, were on display in the ensuing years as he took on a string of successful roles in the movies. He was also on the set of The World According to Garp as the title character, as well as the 1984 Moscow on the Hudson, portraying the character of a Russian musician who defects to America. 1987 saw him on the set of Good Morning Vietnam, playing the role of irreverent radio
DJ Adrian Cronauer. Robin Williams was also cast as a free-thinking teacher, John Keating in Dead Poets Society which came in 1989 and the two roles earned him Academy Award nominations for the lead actor to name a few out of several other films he has been nominated for and won several awards.

Who Was Robin Williams?

His place of birth was Chicago, Illinois and he was born on the 21st of July 1951 to his father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams, who earned a living at Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln-Mercury Division as a senior executive. His mum has been identified as a former model from Jackson, Mississippi called Laurie McLaurin. His siblings include; a couple of older half brothers – Robert, AKA Todd who is from his paternal side while McLaurin is from his mum’s side.

With regards to his lineage, Robin Williams descended from a mixed ancestry of French, English, German, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish. Although his mum practices Christian Science, he was brought up in his dad’s denomination which is the Episcopal Church.


On his educational background and qualifications, Robin Williams achieved his early education at Gorton Elementary School located in Lake Forest, now known as Gorton Community Center. From elementary school, he went to Deer Path Junior High School now called Deer Path Middle School for his early education. When his family relocated to Detroit, he attended Detroit Country Day School where he excelled as a student. Furthermore, Robin was active on the school’s wrestling team, as well as the soccer team and he eventually became the class president.

When his dad retired and moved the family to Marin County, settling in Tiburon, California, Robin Williams joined Redwood High School in Larkspur. He was voted “Most Likely Not to Succeed” and “Funniest” at his graduation in 1969 by his classmates. He then proceeded to study Political Science at Claremont Men’s College in Claremont, California but dropped out in pursuit of a career in acting. Robin subsequently enrolled at the College of Marin, a community college in Kentfield, California where he majored in Theater for a period of three years after which he attended the Juilliard School through a full scholarship.

Who Was Robin Williams, His Net Worth, Children, When And How Did He Die?
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Robin Williams was 31 years of age when his first ex-wife Valerie Velardi made him a father for the first time with the birth of their son named Zak Williams who was born on the 11th of April 1983. His daughter Zelda Williams from his second wife Marsha Garces Williams made him a dad for the second time on the 31st of July 1989. Marsha also made him a third-time dad through the birth of their last child – a son named Cody Williams who announced his entrance on the 25th of November 1991.

Robin Williams Net Worth

The actor’s net worth sits at a whopping $50 million which represents accumulated earnings throughout his career in entertainment. It is also known that Robin Williams earned different amounts from all his productions and sources have it that every 30 minutes on Mork and Mandy earned him about $35,000 and he is said to have earned $500,000 on the set of Popeye, $100,000 on Aladdin, $15,000,000 on Jumanji and $20,000,000 on Bicentennial Man.

His other incomes also include $65, 000 on The Night Listener, $1,000,000 for Man of the Year, and $165,000 for The Crazy Ones to name a few.

When And How Did He Die?

Information that got out had it that Robin Williams was found lifeless in his Paradise Cay, California home where he allegedly committed suicide on the 11th of August 2014. The next day, they took his body to Montes Chapel of the Hills in San Anselmo for cremation with his ashes scattered over San Francisco Bay.

According to the autopsy report, he died from asphyxia as a result of hanging but there was no trace of illegal drug or alcohol in his system. His normal prescription drugs were found at therapeutic levels but according to suggestions from his brain examination, he has a case of diffuse Lewy body dementia.

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