What is Carl Edwards Doing Now and Why Did He Retire in The First Place?

As far as the sports of wheels is concerned, Carl Edwards is one of the best drivers out there. The former American professional stock car racing driver came to fame in 2007 when he won the NASCAR Busch Series championship. Ten years later, Edwards called it quits on the fast lane, at 37, with 28 Cup wins under his belt. Many people have failed to understand his sudden and shocking decision to leave and in the prime of his career too. If you are one of those wondering why Carl Edwards retired, we bring you answers.

Let’s delve into why he stopped racing in the first place as well as what he is doing now.

Why Did Carl Edwards Retire In The First Place?

On and off the pit, Carl Edwards has remained an interesting figure. He has loved car racing since he was a kid. He began his journey to becoming a race driver when he was just 4 after his father built him a Go-Kart. That kept him on wheels until he became an adult. Here’s a little highlight of his career.

Edwards entered for his first racing at the age of 15, even though he was underaged. But for his love the entry, he used a fake ID since one has to be 16 to enter the pits and at least 18 to drive. By 2002, Carl Edwards was already competing in NASCAR.

In the coming years, he would start recording his wins. He was named the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Rookie of the Year in 2003 and in 2005, he finished third in Cup standing, winning four races. Also, he was awarded the NASCAR Busch Series Rookie of the Year in 2005, as well as the NASCAR Busch Series Champion in 2007.

In 2011, Edwards won a career-high 8 races. He won the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race and almost took home the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series title but lost by a tiebreaker to the eventual winner, . He enjoyed a 13-year career at Roush Fenway Racing and Joey Gibbs Racing, taking a bow in the prime of his career, after the 2016 season. Carl Edwards recorded 28 Cup wins in 445 starts, top 10 finishes in nearly half of those races (220), and two runner-up championship finishes (2008 and 2011).

According to FOX Sports, the racer planned to stay away from NASCAR to focus on other things and pursue other opportunities. Edwards added that he made the decision to leave the fast track because he had to go with what his guts tell him. He didn’t leave for another NASCAR job, as rumored in 2018 and money wasn’t a reason either.

At 37, Carl Edwards has had it all in his career and was personally satisfied. Moreover, he desires to leave a dangerous sport with his health still intact. As suggested by many, health played a major role in his decision to leave but not in a way many would think. He feels well after years of racing and wants to stay that way, thus, his departure.

Just like anyone else in contact sports, Edwards realized the possibility of long-term consequences involved and decided to leave when the ovation was still the loudest. He is content with the way everything ended. With the pits and the fast lane far behind him, he wants to devote more time to his family and other things that matter.

What Is Carl Edwards Doing Now?

As earlier mentioned, Carl Edwards left the fast track to explore other opportunities. The Columbia, Missouri native was, however, careful not to use the retirement word because there was a chance he could race again someday. For the time being, he isn’t planning on returning to the racetrack and doesn’t follow NASCAR closely anymore, although he still feels nostalgia for the grind. Moreover, he admits he misses driving the cars, as well as the excitement and the people around racing.

Carl Edwards is enjoying life away from racing. True to his words, he tries to live a life in which he spends time with family and friends. He is married to Katherine Downey, a medical doctor and they have two children together. Additionally, he has spent part of his time traveling, including two cross-Atlantic boating excursions. He co-founded a record label named Back40 Records. At one time, he joked that a TV show about him would feature cycling in the morning and shopping in the afternoon.

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