Why Is Azzyland So Popular, What is Her Real Name and Who Is Her Current Boyfriend?

The contents on YouTube cut across a broad sphere that ranges from fitness to gaming and crafting, among other things. For each type of content on the platform, there are people who have built a niche and brand for themselves and Azzyland is part of the pack.

In a short while, she has gone on to amass a huge following and garnered a large number of fans. The vlogger is one of those people who create multiple contents that touch different topics, although she is mostly known for gaming and cosplaying. Her fans are called Citizens of Azzyland and she is one of the few female YouTube vloggers who often come up on any list of most successful YouTubers. Here’s all we know about the YouTube queen.

The Truth About Azzyland’s Real Identity

This vlogger who has come to be known as one of the biggest stars to come out of YouTube was born on the 23rd of February 1991, in Canada, however, she has Albanian heritage as her parents are immigrants from that country. Her birth name is Azra Bajrami, and it is from her first name Azra that she got the moniker she goes by now, which is Azzyland.

Azzyland is one of the two children her parents have, she has a twin sister, Veronica. Not much is known about her twin asides the fact that she is also a gamer like Azzyland.

During her time at the Wilfrid Laurier University, Azzyland majored in Chemistry and Biology and upon graduation, she acquired a double honour degree. The YouTuber had plans of venturing into medicine which was the career path that her parents wanted her to toe, but in the course of getting a degree in medicine, she decided to make a detour.

Why Azzyland Won So Many Hearts

As a child, an interest in video games arose in Azzyland. She watched her father and his brother play these games and they, in turn, taught her how. By the time she was seven,  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was a game she was conversant with. When  Azzyland was in school, training to be a doctor, YouTube became an avenue for people to upload videos of themselves engaging in different activities. She decided that it was something she wanted to do, thus, she dropped out of school.

Although she is known for her gaming activities, when Azzyland’s YouTube channel was created in 2015, she initially combined gaming with cosplaying which entails dressing up as fictional characters from games or movies. Her earliest cosplay and gaming videos were noticed by McCrudden, another YouTuber, who then invited her to the show he hosted on YouTube and during the interview, he realized what her fans saw in her. Azzyland is good with people, good-natured and has no hassle having a conversation. This led to him hiring her, with her duty being to get internet celebrities to speak about their lives before they got famous. The interviews were shown on a show named Before They Were Famous which was aired on YouTube. She had to leave the job after she made a mistake with a celebrity’s name and received public backlash for her error.

Azra Bajrami still continued to create content on her channel, by either partaking in social media challenges, creating DIY videos or just posting humourous contents. She is one of the most popular YouTube vloggers with over 11 million subscribers. This number grew mostly when she made a promise to shatter an existing twerking record in what she called TWERKATHON (a twerk video in which the vlogger would twerk for long hours, non-stop). At that time, her channel was still in its infancy, and it appeared she was desperate to gain fame.

Despite keeping her words and releasing a video that lasted 23 hours and 28 minutes, many pointed out that the video was wound back to the beginning repeatedly. Whatever happened, the video did break a record, gathering over 10 million views and significant growth of her subscribers.

Another notable moment of growth was when the vlogger vouched to post her nude if she hit 1 million followers, a promise she kept to. The promise of a nude video when she reached 1 million subscribers may have aided her growth but the authenticity and hilarity of her content was a more important factor in the growth she has experienced.

Beyond YouTube, Azzyland is also making waves on other social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On Twitter, she has close to a million followers while on Instagram, where she is widely known as the Queen of Awkward Situations, she has close to three million followers. More so, her Facebook page has gathered thousands of likes and comments.

Who Is Azzyland Actually Dating?

The fame and wealth that Azzyland has can be traced back to her love for gaming. This love for gaming is also the reason she is in a relationship. In 2016, while she was attending an after-party for the people who had converged at the gaming conference E3, she was introduced to Jordi Van den Bussche.

Bussche, just like Azzyland, is a YouTube gaming vlogger who is mostly known as Kwebbelkop (the name of his YouTube channel which he launched in 2008). He is said to be more successful in the field than Azzyland. He won over 8 million followers a few months after he launched his channel and recorded more than 3.1 billion views during the period.

The exact period they started dating is not known as they decided to keep their relationship a secret until news of their romance was spoken about by John Scarce, a fellow YouTuber. The couple has been together since 2016 and feature in each other’s videos regularly.

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