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As an American actor, Will Estes Nipper has been acting since he was a kid. This is evident in the nominations he got for the Young Artist Awards category between 1990 to 1996.

At the age of 12, Will was nominated for the Best Young Actor in an off-Primetime Family Series. The nomination was for his role in the American children and family-oriented drama series – “The New Lassie”. He was again, nominated in 1991 and 1992 for an award in the drama series.

That wouldn’t be all. In 1996, Will got another shot at the Young Artist Awards. This time, he was nominated for the Best Performance by a Young Actor in TV Comedy Series. Will was nominated for his portrayal as Cory Hartman in the American family sitcom – “Kirk” created by Ross Brown

Despite the nominations, records documented that Will Estes only got to win his first award when he was 36. In 2014, Estes won the Performance in a Drama Series Episode’s Prism Award for his role in “Blue Bloods”. The next year, (2015) Blue Bloods got him the Actor of the Year Golden Honu Award.

This is why Blue Bloods is widely regarded as Estes’ greatest-profile role. He was the Officer Jamie Reagan character in the CBS police crime drama series.

Will Estes Bio/Career

Will Estes will celebrate his 39th birth anniversary on the 21st day of October 2017. Though Will currently lives in New York City, he was born in Los Angeles, California in 1978.

He attended Santa Monica College in California and majored in English literature.

While Will Estes’ recognition soared with his appearance as NYPD police officer in the top-rated primetime television CBS drama, “Blue Bloods”, he’s been earning much admiration throughout his acting career with his many television and film work.

He’s been severally credited for his contributions to motion picture which was made manifest in his role in the two-time Academy Award-winning World War II film “U-571”. As a cast in the 2000 French-American war film, Will appeared as Torpedoman Ronald – Rabbit – Parker. Will is also admired for portraying Officer Simon Jansen in the 2012 superhero film of the Nolan brothers -“The Dark Knight Rises”.

Apart from those, Will Estes has been praised for his independent works. One of these – “Magic Valley” – premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Other notable independent films Estes has received credits for range from the award winning “Line of Duty”, to the noir genre “Automotive” which premiered at the Dances with Films Festival in Los Angeles, and the psychological drama – “Anchors”.

Moreso, Estes has received public acknowledgement for indie films like “Not Since You”, “New Port South”, “Blue Ridge Fall” and “Terror Tract”.

In television, Will Estes is esteemed. He’s earned many commendations for his role as John J. “JJ” Pryor Jr in “American Dreams”. He was the oldest Pryor child who enlisted in the US Marine Corps and got to fight in the Vietnam War. He’s also appreciated for numerous comedy and television movies. Check out the details of Will’s filmography here.

Will’s Humanitarian Activities

Will is compassionate about promoting human welfare. We gathered that he supports Natural Resources Defense Council, World Wildlife Fund, Heal the Bay, Best Friends Animal Society, and Vote Solar because they’re consistent with his belief in advocating sustainability, wild land conservation, renewable energy and humane treatment of animals. 

If you ask Will what’s inspiring his humanitarian activities, he’d say his first awareness about the quality of our environment occurred to him as a child. A rainstorm in Los Angeles contaminated the ocean and made it unfit to swim in. Will was devastated, the ocean was his playground.

Will Estes Family/Brother

Much isn’t known about Will Estes’ personal life. He’s been living a private life and only joined social media platforms about 3 years ago.

However, it’s said that Will is an only child to Mary Lu Estes, an office administrator, and Bill Nipper, a projectionist.

Will Estes Married/Wife/Girlfriend/Gay

It once circulated that Will Estes is gay. This has neither been verified nor validated. Although bloggers wouldn’t stop saying Estes isn’t straight, it’s safe to assume he’s not gay.

Sometime in 2014, Will Estes disclosed that he’s single and not in love with anyone. He isn’t married and, if he’s in a romantic relationship with anyone, he’s keeping it a secret.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Will Estes once had an affair with Jennifer Love Hewitt, the Nancy Sinatra of “American Dreams”.

Will Estes’ Height

Will Estes is 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.77M).

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