Will There Be Absentia: Season 3, When Will It Be Out & Who Will Make The Cast?

The odds are definitely in favor of Absentia season 3 but don’t take our word for it, look at the facts. When the first season of thriller series Absentia premiered on in 2017, it received very mixed reviews as many felt it was nothing very special from every other typical police procedural. It received a very average score of 50% on the movie aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes which declared that the series sticks very closely and diligently to the procedural handbook, leaving its very intriguing lead Stana Katic threading on water.

From the many reviews that came up, fans were very pleased with the expertise of the lead actress Stana who many felt was not given the chance to show off her skills of improvisation and the other tools in her arsenal. There was also no doubt that the casting director did an awesome job with the cast of the series but this was impeded by certain loopholes which many felt came about by the showrunners’ unsatisfactory method of sticking to the books and taking no risks.

Despite the mixed reactions to the first season, the show was renewed for a second season which came with certain changes that proved that the producers of the show were attuned to the opinions of the viewers. The second season received better reviews and by the time it ended questions came up about whether there will be Absentia season 3.

Will There Be Absentia Season 3, When Will It Be Out?

When Absentia season 2 ended in May 2019, core fans who stuck to the storyline were interested in what to expect next and as such, many asked if there will be the third season. To answer this question, Amazon Prime announced in September 2019 that the show has been renewed for a third season howbeit with a few changes which they feel would make Absentia season 3 so much better than its predecessors both critically and commercially. The producers took into consideration all of the issues raised by the viewers and that took them back to the drawing board to make some changes.

First, the show will get a new showrunner in the person of Will Pascoe to replace Samantha Corbin-Miller. Remember that we earlier said viewers are of the opinion that the showrunner for seasons 1 and 2 was being too conservative and limiting the expertise of the lead actress Stana Katic who doubles as the executive producer. Now to better explore the abilities of all characters, it is expected that Will Pascoe will be more daring and liberal.

Next, the plot of Absentia season 3 does not exactly take off where season 2 left off. It begins precisely three months after the last scene of season 2 and opens with Emily Byrne who was trying very hard to pick up the pieces of her life but was equally coming to the end of her suspension from active duties from the FBI. While it seemed like all was at peace on her end the tranquility was shattered when a case her ex-husband Nick Durand was working on becomes all too real. The immediate threat sees her make a dangerous journey far away from Boston that tests her resolve and stamina both physically and emotionally.

Finally, being that the first two seasons have had 10 episodes each which were shot in Bulgaria, the third season will also likely follow the same pattern with a slight difference in the average run time as part of the changes Will Pascoe will make.


Who Will Make The Cast?

Since there have been very little revelations since the announcement of Absentia season 3, there is no certainty just yet about who will be joining the characters we saw in season 2. Of the major cast members, it is certain that the following people will return:

 as Emily Byrne

Patrick Heusinger as Special Agent Nick Durand

Patrick McAuley as Flynn Durand

 as Alice Durand

Angel Bonanni as Tommy Gibbs

Paul Freeman  as Warren Byrne

Christopher Colquhoun as Special Agent Derek Crown

Others whose appearances have been hinted at for Absentia season 3 are Geoff Bell who came on board in season 2 as Colin Dawkins, a classy and elegant looking professional fixer whose activities for a criminal organization are the exact opposite of his looks. A second is Josette Simon to maintain her character as a former instructor at Quantico (Rowena Kincade) whose loyalties are not exactly clear.

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