Will There Be Project Blue Book Season 2 or Will The TV Show Be Cancelled?

Will There Be Project Blue Book Season 2 or Will The TV Show Be Cancelled?

Many people all over the world have always been fascinated by the theory and the intrigues surrounding Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) or that of Aliens or some other extra-terrestrial life forms existing on earth. While very many believe that aliens and UFOs do exist and are very much around us, many others do not believe that extra life forms exist at all. Project Blue Book is a drama series adapted for television, which is aimed at tracing the historical sightings and discoveries of Unidentified Flying Objects or phenomena across the United State of America. Following the success of the first season, many have been wondering if there would be a Project Blue Book season 2.

The television show is based on a top-secret program run by the United States Air Force called Project Blue Book, the investigation is spearheaded by Captain Michael Quinn and Professor Allen Hynek. The show premiered on January 8, 2019, on the History Channel, and its 10 episodes ran from January 8 to March 12, 2019. The show is sometimes written by David O’Leary and a few other writers as well. It is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

Aidan Gillen, known famously for playing the role of Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger on Game of Thrones, stars as Dr. Allen Hynek on the show, while Michael Malarkey stars as Captain Quinn. The television show had about 2.3 million viewers across the United States alone in its debut season 1 episode, but that viewership had shrunk to about 1.5 million at the season finale in March 2019, and this got fans of the show angsty about a cancelation.

Project Blue Book Season 2, Here’s What We Know So Far

Project Blue Book was very successful in its first season and had captured the hearts of well over 3 million viewers per episode, probably exceeding the expectations of its creators and airing network. The television show premiered in the first month of 2019 and had 10 episodes in its debut season and due to its initial success and acceptance by the viewers, it was no surprise that the History Channel ordered its creators/writers to immediately start work on the second season as early as February 2019 – just a month after its 1st season debut. The second season just like the first one is also expected to have 10 episodes as well.

Will There Be Project Blue Book Season 2 or Will The TV Show Be Cancelled?
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So, we will be having a second season of the show and it could probably be on television for a few more seasons. Sources from History Channel say that filming for the second season of Project Blue Book began on July 15, 2019, and just a few days later, the trailer for season 2 was released to the public at the San Diego Comic-Con event in the same month. It is expected that filming for season 2 would be rounded up sometime in November 2019 and they gave a ballpark time frame of the winter as the possible date for the season 2 premiere – that could be anytime between December 2019 and March 2020, but if we are to consider the premiere date of season 1, we might see the second season also premiere in January 2020.

What Are We To Expect In The Show’s Second Season?

So what clues did the season 2 trailer give us? The trailer opened with Professor Allen Hynek (played by Aiden Gillen) and Captain Quinn (played by Michael Malarkey) reviewing a very old film which showed a press conference hosted by the Army to address the uproar that accompanied the claim by a farmer who claimed to have found some debris and other things that suggested it was from an alien planet. The farmer was seated, flanked by two Army personnel and another officer standing right behind him; the visibly apprehensive farmer was made to read from the script and when he appeared to be agitated by the events he was relaying, the officer behind him leaned over, whispering something into his ear. Aiden and Quinn suspect something “fishy” about the press conference and identify the officer standing behind the farmer.

From what we have gathered about the possible cast of season 2, we believe that the main cast members of Project Blue Book such as Aiden Gillen, Laura Mennel, Michael Malarkey, Ksenia Solo, Michael Harney, and Neal McDonough will return for the second season; it is expected that other recurring and guest cast members will also feature. Our findings also reveal that Jerod Haynes will be joining the cast of the television show for season 2, and she will be featuring David Banks. Keir O’Donnell is also expected to join the cast of the show as Even William Blake.