Winston Beigel Height, Wiki, Bio, Measurements, Net Worth

Winston Beigel Height, Wiki, Bio, Measurements, Net Worth

If you are curious and want to know all there is about Winston Beigel, then you just clicked the right link as your curiosity will be satisfied.

Winston Beigel is a Hollywood celebrity comedian (in his own right) but may be relatively unknown to most people because he is not one of the regular faces we see every day. Nevertheless, Winston Beigel is a screenwriter – a writer of numerous series, sketches, and movies that have also earned him recognition for what he does.

He was honored for an outstanding solo show at the New York International Fringe Festival. However, he is known largely for doing what normal men would refer to as ‘undoable’ – he adopted his wife’s (Melissa Rauch) last name which goes really against the norm in terms of marriage as it is usually expected for the woman to take up her husbands’ name after marriage.

Winston Beigel Wiki/Age/Bio

There is not much known about the official bio or wiki of Winston Beigel as he seems to enjoy keeping his life private and away from public attention, despite having a high-profile wife in Melissa Rauch, but we will bring you what we gathered.

Winston Beigel could be from Manhattan, New York because that’s where he attended his high school and college at the Marymount Manhattan College. We also seem to be sure of this because he also met his heartthrob, Melissa Rauch at the college for the first time.

Winston Beigel Height, Wiki, Bio, Measurements, Net Worth

He was born on February 20th, 1979 (Pisces) and he is an American National who belongs to the white ethnicity.

Winston Beigel is a screenwriter, producer who wrote The Condom Killer. He also co-wrote and co-produced the movie, ‘Bronze’ with his wife, Melissa Rauch, with who he lives with in Los Angeles, California.

Winston Beigel’s Career

Winston Beigel started his career as a screenwriter. He has been writing until he began collaborating with his wife, Melissa Rauch in 2005. Since then, the duo has worked on a number of TV series like The Condom Killers, If We’re Not Married By 30, and CBS The Hollywood Reporter.

They started with the comedy show: The Miss Education of Jenna Bush which won an outstanding show award at the time. His movie, The Bronze, which was a feature film for Sony Pictures Worldwide also starred his wife Melissa Rauch who played the part of a tough-talking, ex-bronze medal-winning Olympian who had to train a young gymnast also aspiring to become an Olympic champion.

The movie which was released in 2016 did not do so well as it had few favorable reviews.

Winston Beigel Height, Wiki, Bio, Measurements, Net Worth

Winston Beigel Height, Measurements

Winston Beigel has a tall body & oval face type and dwarfs his wife whenever they stand together. Standing with a height of about 6 feet and 3 inches (185 cm) compared to his wife, Melissa Rauch’s, 4 feet and 11 inches, Winston is a very tall man. But despite the height difference, the couple still looks cute standing next to one another.

His weight is 78 kg. He has regular brown hair and his eyes color is dark brown.

Net Worth

Winston Beigel is not a very big name in the mainstream US entertainment industry. But even as such, the screenwriter has tried his hands on numerous genres of screenplay including comedy, which have been both lucrative and profitable.

His wife Melissa has a huge net worth of $6 million and though he hasn’t publicly put out any figure, his work with ‘The Bronze’ has garnered him a remarkable net worth estimated to be to the tune of about $2 million.

Winston Beigel Married Life

Winston Beigel is married to Hollywood’s superstar, Melissa Rauch since 2007 after they started dating in 2006. She is the most important person in his life. Their relationship is longer than the marriage itself as they have known themselves, long before the fame, having met, for the first time, in college. Winston who is known by his wife’s last name, Rauch instead of his own last name, Beigel decided to adopt his wife’s name upon their marriage.

Winston Beigel Height, Wiki, Bio, Measurements, Net Worth

Their marriage, which has spanned for years now has made them a stronger team in terms of their working relationship. They have collaborated on several projects including writing and producing comedy shows which have won several reviews, including an award.

In terms of physical size, Winston can be referred to as a giant and his wife, Melissa, a dwarf, but that has not diminished the love and respect they have for each other neither has it stopped them from appearing together in public events. After it seemed like there has not been any news about children from the couple as they seem content focusing on their careers after an initial miscarriage, the couple announced that a child was on the way in July 2017.