Wyatt Oleff – Bio, Celebrity Facts, Age, Height and Family Life of The Actor
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Wyatt Oleff is a rising star who made his debut in 2012 on an episode of the television series Animal Practice. It did not take long for the actor to start getting gigs on blockbuster movies. To date, he has appeared in everything from comedy to horror and superhero films.

In 2014, Oleff played the younger version of Peter Quill, a character played by Chris Pratt on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In 2017, he also appeared in his most memorable role yet – he played Stanley Uris on the horror movie It, a film inspired by Stephen King‘s famous 1986 novel of the same name. A quick look at his acting portfolio so far readily shows the young actor’s versatility and drive to build a relevant career in the entertainment industry.

Wyatt Oleff Bio (Age)

Wyatt Oleff was born as Wyatt Jess Oleff to Doug and Jennifer Oleff in Chicago, Illinois on the 13th of July 2003. Thanks to the union of his parents, Wyatt comes from a family of four children. The actor has three siblings – two sisters and a brother named Eli Oleff.

Wyatt comes from an educationally focused family, though his acting career is a priority to him. His parents own the CHALK Preschool; they started the school in Bloomington, Illinois two years after Wyatt was born. The inspiration came from the successful home education they were able to give their kids. This is the reason why for the first seven years of Wyatt’s life, he lived in Chicago.

It is known that Wyatt started acting at an early age; yeah, his passion for acting sprang up quite early in life. At just 5 years old, he had already started making his desire to pursue an acting career known to his parents. He saw himself as a role player and loved acting like a few of his acting idols. He also was intrigued about storytelling and it fueled his love for acting even more. His family’s move to Los Angeles was a great opportunity for him to pursue a career in the profession, while his parents focused on running their preschool business.

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Wyatt Oleff’s first acting role was a pacesetter for every other of his acting roles. He got the opportunity to do a commercial for Coldwell Banker and had several lessons that gave him a perspective of the audition process. After the commercial, he made television appearances in a couple of TV shows. Wyatt got his first lead role on the ABC series, Once Upon a Time, where he played the role of Young Rumplestiltskin. It was a very challenging role for him as he had to speak with a Scottish accent. He almost turned down the role because of this, and he was just 10 at the time. However, he was helped by a dialect coach who assisted him in sorting out the problem in just a week.

Family Life of the Actor

Oleff comes from a close-knit family, one that made the relocation of all family members an easy and unanimous decision. With his parent’s preschool business booming, the family made the decision to relocate to Los Angeles, California. This was the first time Wyatt Oleff was ever moving to another location. There, they had the opportunity to expand their business. As at the time, the family launched four preschools in the region of Southern California.

Wyatt Oleff loves and has a great passion for the acting profession; there is no doubt about that. Another thing he loves so dearly is RoRo, his pet dog. He is not very academic-oriented and would easily trade his homework for video games.

Wyatt Oleff – Bio, Celebrity Facts, Age, Height and Family Life of The Actor
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Wyatt Oleff Made His Movie Break In 2014

He enjoyed quite a bit of television presence for a while before getting a shot at the movies. He appeared in the 2014 romantic comedy film, Someone Marry Barry. It didn’t take long after that before he made his biggest movie breakthrough. He was picked to play the role of young Peter Quill, in Guardians of the Galaxy.

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It was a big break for him as he had to share a role with Chris Pratt. In 2017, before taking another major role, he reprised the younger version of Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The year was nice to him as he also got to play Stanley Uris in It, a role he reprised in 2019.

He Is Also a YouTuber

Acting is not all there is to Wyatt Oleff; growing up, he found a niche on YouTube as well. We can tell that he created his eponymous channel way back in July 2013. However, he only started posting video skits in 2017.

Height and Celebrity Facts

The actor maintains a fit physique, he is not that tall and stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, which translates to 168 cm. He also maintains a healthy weight of 60 kg (132 lb). Wyatt has hazel-colored eyes and dark brown hair. Nothing else is known about his body dimensions. Below are other facts worth knowing about him…