Xavier Woods Married Relationship With Wife, Jess Watson, Height, Age

Xavier Woods Married Relationship With Wife, Jess Watson, Height, Age

Xavier Woods is one of WWE’s finest as far as Tag Team Championship is concerned. As part of the trio The New Day including Big E and Kofi Kingston, Xavier has won two Raw Tag Team Championships and two SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Their second RAW Championship became the longest tag team title reign in WWE history. Beyond wrestling with The New Day, Xavier Woods is a multi-talented man as we would reveal in this article.

Xavier Woods Bio (Age and Background Details)

Xavier Woods isn’t his real name but a ring name. It is actually his fifth ring name, others include Austin Creed, Consequences Creed, and Rasheed Lucius Creed. He has also used his birth name Austin Watson as his ring name. He was born on September 4, 1986, in Columbus, Georgia.

Watson made his professional wrestling debut in 2005, a year after graduating from Sprayberry High School. He started with NWA Anarchy and adopted the moniker Austin Creed which was influenced by the Rocky series character Apollo Creed. After two years with NWA Anarchy, Watson switched boats to TNA in 2007 and adopted the ring name Consequences Creed.

In TNA he paired with R.Truth (real name Ron Killings) and as a team, they became known as Truth and Consequences. After being released from TNA in 2010, he had a brief stint with the New Japan Pro Wrestling before signing to the WWE in July 2010. In the WWE, Watson originally used his real name for his ring name before adopting Xavier Woods.

Following a period of little to no success with his former TNA mate R.Truth, Woods joined another unsuccessful tag team of Kofi Kingston and Big E to form The New Day in 2014 and it wasn’t long before they became a fan favorite and brought a revolution to tag team wrestling.

Most WWE athletes are high school and/or college drop-outs but Austin Watson is far from your average WWE wrestler. Despite his huge activity in wrestling, Watson found the time to earn not one, but two college degrees. He has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. But that’s not all, Watson also has a Ph.D.in educational psychology from the online institution Capella University.

Austin Watson once told the Bleacher Report that he hopes his focus on his academics can inspire young kids to remain in school.

In 2015, Watson added YouTube personality to his repertoire after he started a YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown where he addresses himself with his first ring name Austin Creed. The channel quickly earned over 1 million subscribers. Xavier Woods is an avid gamer and even has a Twitch account.

Married, Relationship with Wife, Jess Watson

A lot is known about WWE’s Xavier Woods and the educational side of Austin Watson, however, the same cannot be said of his personal life which he keeps completely under wraps.

It is a known fact that Woods is married to a certain Jess Watson and has been since October 2015. After being quiet from the WWE for a while, reports surfaced that the break was actually so he could tie the knot with Jess.

Xavier Woods Married Relationship With Wife, Jess Watson, Height, Age
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The couple has kept their relationship under wraps and the public has done a good job respecting their privacy, well until March 2017 when lewd photos and videos involving him and fellow WWE superstar Paige leaked online. Woods was seen having sex with Paige while another WWE star Brad Maddox served as the cameraman.

In addition to worrying about his stay in the WWE, fans also wondered what effect the video would have on his relationship with his wife, Jess Watson. Well, the video might have done little to affect his marriage as it could have been made before his marriage and/or relationship with Jess. How do we know? Well, for one, one of the photos leaked included Paige’s NXT Championship title which she won in 2013.

Also, it could have also been during the period when Brad Maddox was still with the WWE, meaning the time could be before November 2015 when he was fired. However, these remain mere speculations and the world may never get to know how the leak affected his marriage.

While it is not clear the depth of effect the leak affected Woods, it was terrible for Paige who admitted that the leak caused her to become suicidal and hospitalized from suffering from “stress-induced anorexia.”

Woods’ wife Jess Watson, via now-deleted Instagram account, revealed in December 2016 that she was pregnant and that her child of which Woods is the dad would be due in May 2017.

His Height and Body Measurements

Xavier Woods stands at 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) tall. He weighs 93 kg and other details of his body measurements are as shown below:

Chest Size: 55 inches

Biceps: 20 inches

Waist Size: 36 inches.