5 Things You Need To Know About The YouTuber Joshua David Evans

5 Things You Need To Know About The YouTuber Joshua David Evans

Joshua David Evans is one media icon who is versatile in different scopes of entertainment. He is a good singer and his voice has been heard through Cat’s Pajamas band which he used to be a member of, Evans is also an actor, a director, and a YouTube vlogger with large followership. Since the inception of his channel JoshuaDTV, the versatile entertainer has been able to garner for himself over 1.3 million fans through several music videos, comedy skits, and challenge videos in addition to updates of daily events around the world.

Besides his interesting line of work, the star also received much attention from his former union with fellow vlogger Colleen Ballinger who he was married for a short period. The affairs of their time together made for a very interesting read to both of their fans right until the bitter end.

The young media star was named Joshua David Evans by parents Greg and Lisa B. who
at the time of his birth was living in Macon Georgia which was equally where they eventually raised him. He was born on April 5, 1984, and unlike many other bloggers who abandon education to pursue ambition, he made education a priority. He schooled at Tattnall Square Academy in his birth town of Georgia, where he developed a passion for entertainment and went on to learn how to act and sing in the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

5 Things You Need To Know About YouTuber Joshua David Evans

1. His Other Endeavors Besides Being a YouTuber

Although Joshua Evans is popularly known for his YouTube channel JoshuaDTV which he created in 2008 and has flooded with videos and vlogs about his daily encounters, this is not the only way he makes bank. He is also consciously pursuing a music career and has so far released an album with the help of his siblings. Also, he has taken jobs in quite a number of companies in different capacities, lent his voice to bands, and has taken on roles as a show producer, host, presenter, and even a product specialist whenever the opportunity is called.

His experience as a co-manager at Fullscreen, where his job description included signing and managing YouTubers with fascinating Channels must have played a role in his decision to become a YouTuber. He also partnered with Windwood Theatricals & Production for a short period and was briefly featured in the musical comedy Altar Boyz.

2. Joshua David Evans was once Married to Colleen Ballinger

Joshua David Evans got attracted to Colleen Ballinger after he viewed a video she featured in sometime in 2012. He contacted her via her Facebook page and before
long the two got talking. They finally met each other and commenced a physical relationship. Three years after on July 2, 2015, they had an unofficial wedding and proceeded to have a very troubled marriage that came to a sad end one year later when Ballinger filed for a divorce.

In a short video that came much later, Ballinger revealed that she still loved Evans and that he was a good person, but the marriage couldn’t continue because they were
always in fights as she couldn’t put smiles on his face anymore and they were both sad in
the relationship. Evans on his part insisted the divorce was solely Ballinger’s desire, as he never wanted it, but had to give in since that was what his ex-wife wanted.

5 Things You Need To Know About The YouTuber Joshua David Evans
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3. He has Since Remarried

After his divorce, Joshua David Evans chose to tread familiar grounds and got engaged to his childhood friend Pamela Rose Rodriguez. He made this public on June 11, 2018, on his Channel and followed the announcement up the next day with photos from his proposal to her. Pamela who is an actress and a singer has had ties with Evans for over 15 years but the duo started dating officially in November 2017. The two have certain things in common; they are both good singers, they are both very active youtube users, and they have a flair for the entertainment industry.

4. Clash with Trisha Paytas

A mini online clash occurred between the two Evans and a fellow Youtuber when Evans made a statement about Trisha Paytas’ relationship. As the story goes, Trisha Paytas spoke up about the end of her relationship with Jason Nash, and Evans commented saying that he felt the breakup was just a sham. Trisha didn’t like that and in return, she alleged that Evans proposed to Pamela with the same ring his ex-wife wore early in their
marriage. She claimed Evans wanted to use the occasion to create more views for
his channel.

5. Joshua David Evans’ Net Worth

After several years of hard work, David Evans has been able to garner for himself a net
worth of $500,000. He managed this from his career on YouTube and the other cookie jars he has his hands dipped in. His singing and advert gigs also play important roles in his financial status.

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