Yulia Lipnitskaya – Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Parents, Where Is She Now?

A good number of big stars in figure skating are forgotten as soon as they bow out of the sport, however, this has not been the case with Yulia Lipnitskaya. She shined so brightly that even after she retired, the memories of her exceptional talent, momentum and aerodynamics remained remarkable. Though she was just a child, the level of maturity displayed in her performances blazed the records.

Over the years, people have shown interest in knowing a thing or two about this ex-figure skater. From her age to her parents and other facts of her life, below are answers to some of the most asked questions about Yulia.

Yulia Lipnitskaya – Bio, Age

The amazing Lipnitskaya was a former Russian competitive figure skater born on 5th June 1998 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. With the help of her supportive mother, she started her skating journey when she was just four years old. In 2002, she went into competitive figure skating under the Russian Figure Skating Federation.

Due to her unique display of talent, she qualified to join the Russia National Team. In 2014, she represented Russia in the Sochi Winter Olympics and earned the record of the youngest Gold Medalist in Russian Olympics. She also won a Silver medal at the 2014 Russian Championship. After beating the records of Sotnikova and Carolina Kostner, she became the youngest European Champion in Ladies Single. Her awesome victories earned her the recognition of as “a master in the sports”. Her skating performance was renowned with the identity of ‘the girl in red”. The title was drawn from her love for the little girl in film, “Schindler’s list”.

Her shining star encountered an unfortunate streak in 2016 when she collided on a patch of ice and sustained a hip injury following which her heroic records declined. She faced a lot of criticisms due to her poor performance; the criticisms emerged from the fact that people believed her poor performance was due to her inability to maintain a stable and required weight. In spite of the criticisms, she continued. However, after she finished in the last place in Rostelecom cup in November, she gave up on her career as a figure skater.

She later retired to a hospital in Israeli for medical treatment over her struggles with Anorexia. After months of undergoing treatment, she came back home and made an official announcement of her retirement in April 2017.


Yulia Lipnitskaya was raised by a single mother, Daniela Leonidova Lipnitskaya who she bears her surname “Lipnitskaya”. When her mother was pregnant with her, her father, Vyacheslav was drafted into the army and so he left Daniella and her unborn baby and never returned home to them.

Left alone with her baby, Daniela struggled to make ends meet and tried out several jobs to fend for her self and her daughter in order to support the latter in her skating career. She is seen as a distinct explanation of her daughter’s strength as even after falling many times in skates, the little girl never cried.

After Vyacheslav service in the army, he moved to another city. When Yulia became popular, he came back for her claiming that her mother never told him she was pregnant before he left. However, Daniela never affirmed his claims.

Height and Weight

Yulia’s height and weight had always been a unique part and aid to her successful career as a figure skater. For those of you wondering why she had to leave her career due to weight issues, here is the answer. With a height of 1.60 m (5 feet 3 inches), Yulia tried so much to keep up to her weight of 37kg. But as she described in her interview with TASS, she saw herself “gaining weight from the air”. Currently, her weight is unknown.

Where Is She Now?

Following her retirement, she currently lives in a luxurious apartment in Moscow. The apartment was given to her as part of the reward for her victory at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics along with a Mercedes Car. Yulia Lipnitskaya is also a coach at Illinykh-Lipnitskaya Academy where she organizes master classes with her colleague, Elena Illinykh.

She’s primarily working on her health and recovering from Anorexia while making plans to enroll in a university. She once revealed her interest to become a Sports commentator at the Moscow stage of Grandpix in November 2017. Since then, nothing has been revealed about her future plans.

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