Zane Hijazi – Biography, Net Worth, Family Life, Is He Gay?

Zane Hijazi – Biography, Net Worth, Family Life, Is He Gay?

Lately, there has been an emergence of people who are making a career out of video streaming. The likes of Zane Hijazi earn a huge income by uploading video content on popular social media videos streaming websites such as Vine and YouTube and as a result of their dedicated efforts, they are listed among top figures on these social media platforms.

If you are a fan of funny content or you enjoy streaming videos on YouTube, then you definitely must have come across Zane Hijazi at least once or twice. The most appropriate way to describe this popular YouTube personality is fun, full of sarcasm, charming, and one with a healthy dose of craziness.

Zane Hijazi – Biography

Born as Zane Ahmed Hijazi on November 18, 1992, in Miami, Florida, United States. Hijazi was born to Lebanese parents. He is of American nationality and he is half North American and half Lebanese descent.

Growing up, not much interest was placed on YouTube, Instagram, and the hosts of social media platforms as there is today, so Zane Hijazi never really knew he was going to one day become a star on social media. Like every other kid, he had the dream of going to school, graduating and becoming a professional at a regular job, no wonder he went on to attend and graduate from Broward College in Florida, United States, where he earned a degree in Hospitality and Management.

Shortly after college, Hijazi started working as a travel director for several airports and hotels in the country. As at the time the social media began to blossom and most people were going crazy for these things, Hijazi felt he could do more than just being a regular participant in the crazy fun happening around him, he then chose to try creating and uploading content on Vine. Zane Hijazi and his partner Heath Hussar started uploading six-second-long videos on Vine, and in time, their page began to have regular viewers. Their followers on Vine increased by the day and in no time, they were already Vine stars who could boast of millions of followers. It increased Hijazi’s fame and also influenced his decision permanently to quit being a logistic manager and finally opt to fully become an internet personality.

Zane Hijazi saw the huge progress he was making from Vine and then decided to expand it by creating a YouTube channel, where he would be able to capture fans of the video streaming platform. On August 25, 2012, he created his popular YouTube channel Zane Hijazi. He then continued operating both his Vine and YouTube accounts concurrently.

Since the shutdown of Vine in 2016 by its parent owners Twitter, Hijazi had to do the majority of his works on YouTube. It is on his YouTube channel that he has the highest number of subscribers. His YouTube channel boasts of over 3.3 million subscribers and has recorded over 486 million views on its contents so far. On Instagram, Hizaji has over 2.7 million followers and has over 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

Zane Hijazi has also ventured into acting and has been cast in a couple of short films such as in David’s Vlog (2015), 1-minute horror (2015) and FML (2016). He has also made an appearance in 420 Weed Festival Celebration in Los Angeles Special News Report (2015) and The Pizza Guy (2016).

What is Zane Hijazi’s Net Worth?

The graduate of Hospitality and Management has really had a life-changing career since he switched to creating social media content and as a result, he has been able to achieve both fame and fortune. It is reported that  Hijazi earns an estimate of $600,000 annually from his YouTube channel. His current net worth is said to be within a region of $1.5 million – $1.9 million.

Zane Hijazi Family – His Parents and Siblings

Zane Hijazi is half North American and half Lebanese, his mother is Sheri Depnest. From his parents, Hijazi has one sibling, a brother. His parents separated and went on to have other children with their different partners. From his father’s new family, Hijazi has one step-sister. He also has two younger step-siblings from his mother’s new marriage. Moreover, his stepmom is Pakistani,

Zane Hijazi – Biography, Net Worth, Family Life, Is He Gay?
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Personal Life – Is He Gay?

Two things in particular, have made Hijazi’s followers question his sexuality. First is his extreme closeness to his friend and partner Heath Hussar, which made people believe the pair might just be lovers. The second was when he acted as a gay character in one of his uploads which also featured Heath Hussar in it and it increased the speculations of both men being gay. We, however, can confirm that Zane Hijazi isn’t gay since he started dating 22-year-old Instagram star Stassiebaby earlier in 2019.