What Is Zendaya’s Net Worth? Facts About Her Siblings, Family, House

What Is Zendaya’s Net Worth? Facts About Her Siblings, Family, House

You may know her as an actress, a singer, or a dancer, but there’s so much more to Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. All Zendaya fans and young ladies around the world should actually know a little more about her. Though she has been in the spotlight from an early age she has remained one of the most grounded celebrities out there. Today it’s all about the facts you need to know about Zendaya’s house and her family.

What Is Zendaya Net Worth

Zendaya currently has a net worth of $5 million, most of which she made from her acting and music career.

What You Need To Know About Zendaya’s House

All celebrities have their lives out there whether they like it or not, but a handful of celebrities have managed to keep some aspects of their lives on the down low. Zendaya’s house is not listed but here is not what we could glean about her living situation.

Zendaya’s House Is Her Parent’s House

Our starlet still lives at home with her parents and not because she cannot afford it but there seem to be some perks she isn’t willing to give up yet. she told Ellen Degeneres that she enjoys, no alarm clocks, no driving, and all the free food you could want.

She also stated that there are boundaries that have been set up, so she’s not ‘babied’ at home but treated as the young adult she is. She made no indication that she would be moving out of ‘Mum and Dad’s anytime soon.

Zendaya Has An $18 Million Brazilian Vacation Home

The K.C Undercover star has done a good job at keeping her current abode ‘undercover’, but earlier this year we caught a glimpse of her Brazilian vacation home. Sometime in June, the artist shared pictures of what must have been an amazing vacation. Well thank God for Instagram, we could almost experience the perfection of the house with her.

What Is Zendaya’s Net Worth? Facts About Her Siblings, Family, House

She captioned this shot, ‘Traveling the world is one of the most beautiful things in life. Thank you Brazil for having me and my family, and big thanks to @Airbnb for putting us up.’

According to InStyle, it’s a stunning $18 million dollar, four-bedroom, glass structured villa at the former Rothschild’s property, and it’s nestled in a tropical jungle on a mountainside. It features an infinity pool, a lovely dining room area, and a dynamic living room among other lovely additions.

With her packed and hectic schedule, no doubt that vacay was well deserved and the starlet is more than blessed to have enjoyed it in such lovely digs. We leave you with this view.

Facts About Zendaya Family

1. Her parents are Claire Marie (Stoermer) and Kazembe Ajamu, her father’s name was originally Samuel David Coleman, but he changed it in order to identify more with his roots. The two were married in 2008 when the starlet was in her early teens, but their marriage came to an amicable end this year. They are still an integral part of their daughter’s and each other’s lives.

What Is Zendaya’s Net Worth? Facts About Her Siblings, Family, House

2. The ‘Shake It Up’ star is the only child of her parents, but has five older siblings from her father’s side; two brothers and three sisters. Here are their names in no particular order, Kaylee, Annabella, Austin, Katiana, and Julien.

3. Zendaya was actually born an aunty, with two nieces on the ground. Presently the star has 8 nieces and nephews. Do we wonder if the older ones call her ‘aunty’?

4. The star has African and European roots, which she identifies strongly with. Last year she recognized June’s Immigrant Heritage Month and did a whole video where she acknowledged her mixed heritage. She discussed her German and Scottish roots on her mom Claire’s side, to her Nigerian roots on her father Kazembe’s side. Zendaya then explained the logic behind her full name, which would be better understood in her own words, she said, ‘For me, I get a mixture of all the worlds… I have my African first name, I have a middle name that is [my mom’s] middle name, which is French, but we did it African spelling, so it’s literally me in a name. And then you have Stoermer, and then you have Coleman. I literally have, like, a timeline in history in my name.’

5. Zendaya’s parents are both teachers and the star says she would have definitely followed suit if she was not in show business.

6. Zendaya’s dad is quite protective of his little girl, he even chaperoned her on what the media perceived as a date. At the Grammy after-party, the starlet was seen getting cozy with Odell Beckham Jr., while her dad was a few steps away. When asked by a reporter, ‘Do you approve of this relationship?’ He answered, ‘What relationship?” There’s no relationship. They’re just friends It’s like an audition. It’s an interview.’

Yeah, we hear you Kazembe, he’s definitely protective of his daughter.