Zendaya’s Parents (Kazembe Ajamu Coleman), Sisters, Brothers, Boyfriend

You may know her as Rocky from the popular Disney TV show, ‘Shake It Up’, or K.C Cooper in ‘K.C Undercover’ but the world knows her as Zendaya. She was born, on September 1, 1996 and Zendaya’s parents are Claire Marie Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu who was formerly Samuel David Coleman.

Can you guess what her full name is based on this? We are sure you already know, but we’ll tell you anyway, the starlets full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, originally it was Chendaya, but her dad has a thing for the letter ‘Z’, so he changed it. Today it’s less about her and more about the people in her life; lets get acquainted with Zendaya’s parents.

Zendaya’s Parents – Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

The couple were joined together in holy matrimony in 2008, when Zendaya was 12 years old and she is currently their only child together. She does have older siblings, from her father’s side and she was even born an aunt, but that is a story for another sub heading. Both Zendaya’s parents are teachers and the star often jokes that she would have followed suit if she didn’t go down the showbiz road.

She obviously shares a close bond with her parents and even came to their defense against social media trolls in the best way possible. At first glance, Zendaya’s parents are really not what you would expect, the starlet is a combination of their best features, nevertheless it is quite shallow to judge them at face value.

Our story began when a twitter user posted the picture below, of the starlet and her parent’s, the caption crudely implied that she is too beautiful to have come from them. On cue, other social media users, jumped in with comments and the word ‘ugly’ was thrown around more than it should have been.

Zendaya’s response was not only graceful, but mature, we have a lot of words we can use to describe it, but we’ll let you judge for yourselves. Here is her touching retort.

What we would pay to see the look on their faces when that hammer dropped. We are sure she made her parents proud.

Still on the topic of Zendaya’s parents, their 8 year marriage has come to an end as recently as last month. According to TMZ, Claire Stoermer filed divorce documents against Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, citing irreconcilable differences. Zendaya’s response to this is best shown in picture form, the media missed this one big time.

Zendaya’s Sisters And Brothers

As mentioned earlier, Zendaya has older siblings on her fathers side of the family and through them she became an aunt to 8 adorable nieces and nephews. Two of them were already born before she was and she is particularly close to her niece, Ezenia, who is a year older than her.

She also adores the little ones and she has mentioned that being with them has taught her how to be more responsible. In no order in particular, here are her siblings names; Kaylee, Annabella, Austin, Katianna and Julien.

Zendaya’s Boyfriend

The starlets dating life is quite a mystery, most stars her age have already gone through a couple of boyfriends, puppy love included. With Zendaya, we just do not know. There have been rumors and the star has not hesitated to shut them down.

Last year when Complex Magazine asked her if she was seeing someone, she said , ‘No, you’ve got to realize my schedule is kind of nuts, I don’t have time to go out and get to know somebody. If I didn’t know you from the last three or four years of my life, it’s probably too late.’

There have been speculations that she is in a relationship with her ‘best guy friend’, Trevor Jackson. While Trevor told a teen website, ‘ If it happens, it’ll happen’, Zendaya who seems to have a way with words said,’ My best guy friend, Trevor, I’ve known since I was 12, of course there’s dating rumors… Any male that I’ve ever been around in my life, if they follow me on Twitter, if they look at me, if they breathe the same air as me, we’ve dated. So yeah.’

Our eyes are still on those two. Meanwhile, fresh speculations have arisen, and the name Odell Beckham Jr may have been mentioned a few times. The two were seen together at the Universal Grammy Awards after-party and TMZ confirmed seeing Zendaya leave the Grammy’s after-party with the NFL player.

Before the reporters could get a clear answer from them on whether they were dating, her dad quickly said, ‘It’s an audition!’ So someone might be seeking fatherly approval. Then again, there has been no confirmation, but our eyes are on you ‘Daya.

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