Zhang Bin Bin (Vin Zhang) – Biography and Profile of The Chinese Actor

Zhang Bin Bin might not be one of the first names that comes to mind when a non-Chinese person is asked to list a number of Chinese actors. However, that might soon be the case as the actor’s profile continues to rise in his home country, giving him a platform to one day makes it to Hollywood, the biggest movie industry in the world. One indication that Zhang’s profile is on the rise is hos winning of the ‘Most Promising Actor’ award at the 9th China TV Drama Awards. Read on to find out more about his career progression and personal life.

Zhang Bin Bin (Vin Zhang) Biography

On the 19th of January, 1993, in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, Zhang Bin Bin was welcomed into the world by his parents whose identities are not known. Details about his family, and whether or not he has any siblings, are a mystery as information about them is also not known to the public.

According to his educational records, Zhang attended and graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2013. There is no information on where he got his basic education but as the story goes, the young man had hoped to become a football player, however, he later switched his focus to acting, prompting him to study the art form before launching his career in 2014.

Profile of the Chinese Actor

Zhang Bin Bin made his acting debut in V Love (2014), a web melodrama that was produced by Jay Walk Studio. He played a supporting role on the show and also released two singles titled “Heavenly Stairs” and “Our Era” to support it. His next appearance was a minor role in Love M Turn (2014) before he went on to land his first leading role in Long Time No See (2015) as the character Qiao Ran.

2016 proved to be somewhat of a breakthrough year for the actor as his profile rose and he got a chance to appear in a number of notable productions. He first appeared in the series Chronicle of Life (2016) before playing roles in Legend of the Monster (2016), Angel Wings (2016), and Love O2O (2016). For Love O2O, he again contributed with a single titled “A Smile is Beautiful” to the show’s soundtrack.

In 2017, Zhang Bin Bin appeared in series like Eternal Love and Love Happening. Other more popular works in which he appeared in that year are Pretty Li Hui Zhen and The King’s Woman, both alongside actress . Zhang is said to have done a lot of research into the role he was playing in those shows, particularly the latter one, which further helped him garner more plaudits as the show became widely viewed and was also one of the most-discussed topics on Weibo. He has in recent times starred in romantic dramas like The Flame’s Daughter (2018) and I Will Never Let You Go (2019) alongside actress Ariel Lin.

Is He Married?

By all indications, Zhang Bin Bin has not gone as far as exchanging marital vows with any woman he has had the pleasure of dating. While the actor has not publicly confirmed any relationships, he has been linked to a good number of women by the media, most notably who he has repeatedly shared quality on-screen moments with. In an interview in the past, Zhang stated that he always found it difficult to kiss Dilmurat on set. He further added that she was the one who would always break the ice by telling a crazy joke, thereby allowing him to do the scene with ease.

With such experiences, you can see why the Chinese media believed the pair were a thing. The actress and her representatives have, however, not come out to deny or accept these rumors.

Speculation surrounding Zhang Bin Bin’s relationship took another turn in 2018 when the media speculated that he could have either moved on from Dilmurat or possibly never dated her at all, as he was in love with his manager, whose name is unknown. The reports stated that the pair are serious and have been dating for a very long time behind the scenes.

Net Worth

While there is no exact figure available to point out as the net worth of Zhang Bin Bin, it can be accurately assumed from his catalog of works that he is worth at least hundreds of millions of dollars. Thanks to his huge earnings, the actor has been able to show his selflessness through the amount of charity work he has done. Along with a few other celebrities, Zhang has participated in a public welfare environmental project. He also notably donated ambulances to the public during a Harpers Bazaar organized stars charity night.