Fabio Lanzoni – Bio, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Where is He Now?

Fabio Lanzoni – Bio, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Where is He Now?

Italian-American model and actor, Fabio Lanzoni has come a very long way in his career that extends from TV to movies and even music videos. He has been around since the 1960s and is still doing quite well for himself with more than 30 films and TV shows to his credit.

More than just an actor, he is even more popular as a prolific fashion model, being a spokesman for brands and getting involved in businesses. Learn more about the iconic actor down below.

Fabio Lanzoni – Biography

Famously known as Fabio, the model was born on 15 March 1959 in Milan, Italy. His father, Sauro Lanzoni, was a businessman who owned and ran his own company which was into building assembly lines. His mother, Flora Carnicelli Lanzoni, was, without any surprise, a beauty model. He was brought up as the second child among three children with an older brother and a younger sister – Walter and Cristina respectively.

Growing up in a Catholic home, he was an altar boy but surprisingly, that didn’t make him an easy child. He always got into trouble that would see him being sent from school almost constantly. One thing that he stayed away from, however, was drugs.

Having started his modeling career in 1961, when he was only a kid, in his home country of Italy where he also later started acting, Lanzoni decided to move to the States when he was 17. At the time, his father did not support him but still allowed him to go because he was sure the young man was going to return home with his tail between the legs. That did not happen.

As a model, he has done many commercials for big brands including Versace and was the face of hundreds of novels. He has also made appearances in many films and TV shows including the 1990 film The Exorcist III and in 1991, he was in Scenes From A Mall and The Hard Way. Most of his other roles only saw him make cameo appearances.

Fabio Lanzoni has also been involved in many businesses including founding his own clothing line, writing a fitness book, and starting a nutrition company known as Healthy Planet Vitamins. In 2016, he finally became a U.S. citizen.

Fabio Lanzoni – Bio, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Where is He Now?
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Wife And Children

One would not be wrong to describe the hunky Italian model as the face of romance sometime in the past, as he was on almost every romance novel. Peeking into his love life, however, one may get a different tale altogether.

Fabio first fell in love when he was just 14, but has never come around to make anything significant of his love life even though at a point in his life he was adored by many women. That said, the Italian model has never been married. This doesn’t mean he has ruled out trying the knot; he has revealed that he would love to get married, even though there is no indication that he is in any serious relationship. The model does not have children as well.

Fabio Lanzoni Net Worth

When it comes to his fortune, Fabio Lanzoni did almost everything that came his way including acting, modeling, and business, and has excelled in almost all. Thanks to this, the fashion model and actor have a net worth that has been estimated at $16 million as of 2021. His fortune mainly comes from his prolific modeling career although his other engagements have also added to his fortune chest.

Due to his wealth, he has many luxurious items including over 200 bikes. He joins a number of other celebrity bike enthusiasts who own quite a number of bikes and enjoy riding them.

Where Is He Now?

In his earlier days, Fabio Lanzoni was almost everywhere. He was also on the covers of magazines and thousands of romantic novels. As time progressed, he began sweeping gently away from the mainstream.

Well, he is still around, although he doesn’t do as much as he used to. Fabio is still appearing in various productions. In fact, in 2019, he was in the music video of Trisha Paytas’ Miss You In My Sheets. A couple of years before that, he was in the film Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.

The model has now settled more as a businessman with different business ventures that he is pursuing.